NSW Police SMASH yet another Marxist Led Protest at USyd


On Wednesday an illegal protest organised by Marxists and other left wing extremists was successfully smashed by NSW Police. About 200 protesters gathered in the quadrangle of the University of Sydney hoping for a repeat performance of their effort a fortnight ago when NSW police were wrong-footed and the protesters managed to occupy City Road and illegally block traffic.

This time NSW Police were more prepared. As the protesters sprinted down Eastern Avenue and City Road to the same place they disrupted traffic back in September, the Riot Squad brought the hammer down, “gently encouraging” the privileged kiddies and their tutors to head back towards the University. The protesters regrouped and attempted to occupy Parramatta Road. But the men and women in blue of the NSW Police were one step ahead, physically throwing and dragging the little lefty dears off the road.

NSW Police chase protesters
NSW Police chase protesters at USyd

For anyone who has ever been stuck in traffic due to the spoiled brats who think they have the right to block the road because their lecturers have convinced them that their little worries are so much more important than the lives of members of the community around them, the sight of NSW police physically removing the entitled squealing children and their taxpayer leeching instructors from the asphalt was a sight for sore eyes.

As with previous protests the Marxists were front and centre, and as with previous protests the media ignored this fact. Nick Reimer, USyd lecturer and organiser with the Revolutionary Trotskyist group Solidarity was prominent. Riemer was quoted by News Corp Technology Reporter Jack Gramenz declaring that he wouldn’t be “intimidated” by the police and that leading his students on an illegal protest was “doing his job”. Jack of course didn’t bother to point out that Dr Riemer belongs to an organisation that openly calls for the overthrow of the Australian government. Small omission there.

NSW Police Socialist Alternative
Socialist Alternative activist Shovan Bhattarai is introduced to the ground by NSW Police

Shovan Bhattarai, an organsier with Socialist Alternative from UNSW was pushed to the ground by NSW Police as she attempted to block the road, and whinged to her friends at Guardian Australia she now had “a deep graze” on her arm and “bruises” up the side of her body. Guardian Australia of course didn’t point out her membership of the revolutionary Trotskyist group. Perhaps this is unsurprising, the Guardian Australia still publishes twice monthly opinion columns by Socialist Alternative founder and supporter Jeff Sparrow.

“We have to continue to be prepared to take a stand and break unjust laws” Socialist Alternative activist and SRC Environment Officer Lily Campbell declared to USyd student newspaper Honi Soit. Lily knows quite a bit about breaking laws. As Sydney organiser for both Extinction Rebellion and the Socialist Alternative front “Uni Students for Climate Justice” Lily was arrested and spent a night in the cells courtesy of NSW Police after organising a mob to block traffic in central Sydney last October.

Marxist activist Adam Adelpour, currently facing jail for attending illegal protests, attends another illegal protest.

Former Socialist Alternative activist and now SRC President Liam Donohoe promised more illegal protests to come, stating: “We’ll escalate until we build a better education system.” It has been fascinating to watch Mr Donohoe collaborating with his former Socialist Alternative comrades in organising protests recently. After all it’s only a few years ago that he was criticizing them for their extremely creepy cult-like organisational and recruiting techniques. I guess time (and pragmatism) heals all wounds.

The fact that the staff and students who are most active on the University of Sydney campus in organising the protests against the proposed federal reorganisation of the higher education sector (and against the job cuts from COVID-19) are from extremist groups isn’t a secret to anyone. NSW Police clearly know, their intelligence gathering regarding these left wing extremist groups has clearly been superior to every other state. Perhaps the next step for NSW Police should inform Australia’s journalists of the blindingly obvious?

Then again, if the average Australian journalist was able to see the nose on their face, they wouldn’t be an Australian journalist.

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Lucas Rosas
Lucas Rosas has spent years monitoring far left extremists so you don’t have to. He lives in a secure location with multiple large and hungry guard dogs.
Lucas Rosas
Lucas Rosas has spent years monitoring far left extremists so you don’t have to. He lives in a secure location with multiple large and hungry guard dogs.
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