Cosmopolitan Writer Wants Lauren Southern Banned From Australia


When Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux announced their tour of Australia on YouTube Friday night it didn’t take long for an alarmed mainstream media to claim two “far-right” and alt-right” activists were coming to Australia, adding “If you thought Milo was bad”. Even News Corp and the Daily Mail reported it in this sensational manner.

They claimed that Southern had been banned from the UK for planning to distribute “racist material”. The actual story is that along with UK right-wing activist Caolon Robertson she planned to distribute flyers in the English town of Luton which has a high Muslim population which stated: “Allah is a gay God” and “Allah is trans” as an experiment to demonstrate the intolerance and homophobia of Muslims. This was considered too provocative by the politically correct UK authorities.

They also accused Southern of obstructing NGO search-and-rescue boats trying to help shipwrecked migrants in the Mediterranean as part of her activism with border patrol group Defend Europe who are trying to stem the flow of migrant boats to the content which is causing massive social problems in European nations.

They also weren’t too fond of the title of her book ‘Barbarians: How Baby Boomers, Immigrants, and Islam Screwed My Generation’.

The left, of course, unable to engage in political discourse with their opponents have reacted with rage to the announcement of the tour.


Southern said on Sky News’ Outsiders program Monday night that her views will certainly “shock” people but the only creators of “mayhem” and “chaos” will be left-wing protestors.

They have already started planning their demonstrations against Southern and Molyneux wherever their events are held.



One writer for Cosmopolitan Australia has stated that Southern is “too controversial” and “too racist” to even be allowed entry into Australia. Kate Wagner begins by going through all of Southern’s alleged crimes (including believing there are only two genders and opposing feminism).

She claims that because Snoop Dogg and Chris Brown were banned from Australia, why can’t Southern be? This puts aside the question of if these people should have been banned from Australia and also fails to mention that Southern doesn’t have a criminal record.

The rest of the article is Wagner lamenting that Southern’s views on immigration have a lot in common with that of Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton (which begs the question why would he of all people cancel her visa?). Wanger believes it is racist to consider giving accept persecuted white South African farmers as refugees, a position both Dutton and Southern have in common.

She finishes off speculating about the violence that could occur outside her events as occured with Milo Yiannopoulos’ events (again we know who was responsible) unless (or she hopes) Southern’s visa is cancelled.

Stefan Molyneux commented on the general chatter to have Southern banned from entering Australia.

Because the left believe any opposing viewpoint is hate speech this is why they protest, no-platform, shout down, ban and even assault those they disagree with. All this carry on does is create more interest in personalities such as Southern and Molyneux with the violence and intimidation by their pushing more people to sympathize with their views.The media hysteria and leftist carry-on only ensures that the tour will be a success.

Tickets are on sale for Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux’s tour which includes Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Auckland through Axiomatic Events.

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