Australian Attorney-General Christian Porter has announced his intentions to introduce an ambitious set of reforms to Australia’s oft maligned Family Court system. The Australian Family Court — an institution which has over the years developed a reputation for both its blatant misandry and the inefficiencies of its bureaucratic processes, will merge with the Federal Circuit Court from the beginning of 2019. Porter has explained how the proposed merger will aim to bring about a move towards “a single set of forms, rules, procedures, (and) practice directions which are far superior to what we have at the moment”. Porter’s announcement comes in the wake of a broader review into Australia’s family law system that is being conducted by the federal government — the findings of which are due to be presented to the public in 2019.

The fundamental deficiencies which exist in the Australian Family Court are of course just one symptom of a failing system which fundamentally undervalues and neglects men — all in the name of ‘feminism’ and ‘gender equality’. Whether it be in relation to education, suicide rates, homelessness, affirmative action quotas, or government policies relating to domestic violence, men face a series of very real gender specific challenges in contemporary Australia and throughout the entire world — in spite of what ‘academics’ and the media would have you believe. One can only hope that these proposed reforms are just the first step which needs to be taken in order to address the systemic disadvantages which are faced by men in Australia. Innocent lives are depending on it.

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