The Unshackled Waves Ep. 134 Trump on North Korea and Tariffs, South Africa and International Women’s Day


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It was a week of big international news, a lot of it relating to United States President Donald Trump. To discuss it all we were joined by two Unshackled editors, Deputy Editor and Host of Front and Centre Podcast Emilio Garcia and Chief Correspondent Steele Archer in an experimental three way review show episode.

South Korea confirmed to the world that North Korea was willing enter talks about denuclearisation with the United States, this will include a face to face meeting with Kim Jong Un and Trump. It would appear despite the media and left’s hysteria Trump’s tough talk to North Korea and his and 4D chess strategy paid off. Trump has also been applying pressure on China and Russia to comply with the economic sanctions against North Korea to get them to this position. It is similar to what Ronald Reagan achieved when he initiated the arms race with the Soviet Union which accelerated its collapse.

Donald Trump also announced new tariffs on imported steel of 25% and 10% on aluminum. It has sent the international community into a tailspin, however it was an election commitment of Trump’s. It is aimed at not just China’s cheap imports but also the protectionist policies of the European Union. Part of the motivation of Trump’s policy is so he can renegotiate trade deals such as NAFTA with Mexico and Canada and also so he can gain other concessions from nations such as Australia who were this weekend granted an exemption from the tariffs after lobbying from the Turnbull Government.

In South Africa the confiscation of white farms without compensation is now offical government policy after a motion was passed in the nation’s Parliament. It was supported by new South African President Cyril Ramaphosa and has been pushed by Julius Malema leader of the radical Economic Freedom Fighters who has advocated white genocide. South African gangs have also been violently attacking white farms with over 400 attacks last year and 72 farmers murdered. There is a push to accept white South African as refugees into Australia and other western nations and have South Africa banned from the Commonwealth Games for their return to racism.

There was a new holy day on March 8th being International Women’s Day. It is supposed to be a day commemorating women’s rights and how far we’ve come but it has turned into a day of man hating, victimology and virtue signalling. It should be noted it has Communist roots as it was first a national holiday in the Soviet Union. The ABC sacked all male presenters for the day, we heard the complaints that there is not enough women in science, business and politics and men need to do better. The left are quite confused as they are celebrating a gendered holiday when they have told us previously gender is a social construct.

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