Antifa Thug Jailed For Six Years After Attack on Elderly Conservative

antifa thug jailed

Antifa thug Gage Halupowski was sentenced to six years in prison last week for a horrific armed assault on an elderly conservative demonstrator at the same June protest where journalist Andy Ngo was attacked.

The court heard that Halupowski approached Adam Kelly and attacked him from behind with an expandable baton, as Kelly was struggling to help another victim of the black-masked antifa mob. Police said they saw Halupowski collapse his weapon and hide it in his pants after he attacked Kelly. The masked antifa thug then assaulted a police officer while trying to escape. Mr Kelly lost significant amounts of blood and required 25 staples in his head.

antifa thugs attacked mr kelly in portland
Mr Kelly’s head after being attacked by Antifa Thugs in Portland

The incident occurred during the violent June protests where hundreds of masked anarchists, many of them armed, attempted to break up a right-wing protest. Footage of journalist Andy Ngo being attacked by the baying mob of antifa thugs was rebroadcast around the world, but even more brutal attacks at the same event, such as the one against Mr Kelly, gathered far less attention.

Following the violent protests, President Trump tweeted on August 17 that “Major consideration is being given to naming ANTIFA an ‘ORGANIZATION OF TERROR.’” Despite these firm words from the president, little has been done since to curb the violent mobs of far-left extremists who consider it their right to use vandalism, mob violence and violent intimidation to silence those with whom they disagree.

The attack by Antifa Thug Gage Halupowski left Mr Kelly with 25 staples in his head.

Despite worldwide publicity regarding his assault, the Portland Police Department still has not made any arrests in connection with the attack on Andy Ngo. His assailants and many other uncaptured antifa thugs still remain at large, at least partly due to the reluctance of police to pursue them as they would other criminals (with fewer friends in the media).

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