If you missed it “Our” ABC decided that after their wonderful collaboration with Al Jazeera to attack One Nation they’d have a go at Fraser Anning as well.

The fact that you probably missed it might tell you in advance that it didn’t turn out as planned.

The story was announced with much fanfare and general anticipation amongst various (not so) private far left message boards and also by certain far left Twitter users. Finally they had the silver bullet! This would end the re-election campaign of Fraser Anning for good!

Much like the recent attempts to destroy President Donald Trump by much the same calibre of people this one ended with the same damp squib of bitter disappointment seasoned with a sauce of faded hopes and expectations.

Ultimately all the story amounted to (according to stalwart ABC journalist Alex Mann of the “Background Briefing” desk) was that a guy who was once employed by Senator Anning’s office doing tech work once had a friend who many years ago was once associated with a Neo-Nazi group.

This friend also once appeared in the background of a shot when Senator Anning was being interviewed. Oh and the ABC claims to have evidence that this friend also boasted of being employed by Anning which the Senator denies and which the ABC refuses to produce.

The ABC claims it has seen screenshots of messages from leaked Facebook groups backing up these extremely tenuous claims but refuses to produce them, because…. reasons I guess?

Reminder. We as taxpayers are currently paying over a billion dollars a year to keep fantasists like Alex Mann employed.

If you want to see the ABC version of this story you can read it for yourself, you won’t see anything at all different from what I’ve described. Except that you’ll also see that the ABC apparently thinks that the same friend of an employee of Fraser Anning is responsible for the apparent “Nazification of Clive Palmer”.

Yes. The ABC thinks Clive Palmer is a Nazi.

Yes seriously.

Yes over One Billion dollars a year. It’s hard to believe isn’t it?

If you look a little closer you may notice however that the only source given by the ABC for their article is one “Andy Fleming” who they describe in neutral terms as someone who “researches fascism”.

Oh dear.

Andy Fleming, better known by his blogger pseudonym “Slackbastard” is very well known as one of the chief organisers for the Australian Anarchist movement. Anarchism as an ideology goes back centuries but ultimately boils down to the proud and open advocacy of the destruction of everything about modern Australian society. They hate our flag, they hate our constitution, they hate all our political parties (even the Greens). They hate the judiciary, the army, navy and air force. They hate the idea of private property, all religions, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and especially the idea of national borders. They hate the concept of a distinct Australian culture or people and they especially hate the police. In fact like most Anarchists around the world Andy Fleming promotes a worldview in which all police are illegitimate and all violence (up to and including murder) against them is morally justified.

The ABC has chosen as their only source for this hit piece against Fraser Anning a man who considers the murder of police justified. Their only evidence against this sitting Senator is from a man who wishes to violently abolish the Senate in a wave of blood.

It needs to be said again. The ABC, an organisation which is bound by charter to be impartial has just used as their only source against a sitting Senator a man who is so extreme that he endorses the murder of police.

If Andy Fleming wishes to contest these points of view or correct this interpretation towards his opinions of law enforcement he need only approach The Unshackled for an interview to correct the matter.

Unlike the ABC however we require proof of identity “Andy”.

If the ABC is willing to use unverified information gleaned from anonymous far left extremists who openly wish to violently overthrow the Australian government to attack Senators who only wish to change our immigration program to a back to slightly milder version of what it was before the 1970s then I think any fair or even vaguely impartial observer can see that the ABC is no longer fit for purpose.

Despite how lovely the children’s programing may be it’s time to sack the employees, burn the buildings and salt the ashes. The as ABC we once knew it is dead and the zombie mutant currently walking around wearing its skin needs to be starved into submission.

And the sackings need to begin with Alex Mann.

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Lucas Rosas
Lucas Rosas has spent years monitoring far left extremists so you don’t have to. He lives in a secure location with multiple large and hungry guard dogs.
Lucas Rosas
Lucas Rosas has spent years monitoring far left extremists so you don’t have to. He lives in a secure location with multiple large and hungry guard dogs.
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