ABC Supporters Celebrate Chris Uhlmann’s Departure


The Nine Network yesterday eagerly reported that they had just poached Chris Uhlmann from the ABC to be their new Chief Political Editor. Uhlmann is replacing the retiring Laurie Oakes who had been the face of Australian politics at Nine for more than 30 years.

Normally supporters of the ABC are displeased when a senior journalist is lured away to the commercial networks, but not this time. This is because they view Uhlmann as a conservative and an apparent cheerleader for Coalition governments. Uhlmann was trending on twitter yesterday and you only had to view a handful of tweets to see the leftist celebration at his departure.

Probably the most disturbing reaction came from an actual ABC presenter. Host of Gruen Wil Anderson claimed ABC journalism would actually be improved. Which probably gives you an idea of what the reaction to Uhlmann’s departure is from inside the ABC itself.

We are told that it is our ABC but it is clear that the left view it as their ABC. Apparently one journalist who has the appearance of being a conservative is intolerable to these people. Even though the ABC Charter clearly states the broadcaster should be balanced.

The left’s dislike of Uhlmann goes back when he was the initial co-host of the then relaunched 7.30 program with Leigh Sales in 2012. ABC supporters were alarmed Uhlmann was praised by conservative commentators such as Andrew Bolt and Alan Jones. Which maybe explained his departure from the show just a year later, nevertheless Ulhmann remained an object of the left’s wrath. Crikey only published an article last week demanding the ABC sack Uhlmann.

Former Greens Leader Christine Milne who we should remember lobbied for an inquiry against the free press also expressed her glee.

She and many other left-wing commentators highlighted the fact that Ulhmann once ran under the ticket of conservative ACT independent Paul Osborne at the ACT’s 1998 general election.

But they never mention the fact that he is married to the Labor Federal Member for Canberra Gai Brodtmann. He might not be a conservative, rather just takes his job to report objectively too seriously for some leftists. Or god forbid he and his wife agree to disagree when it comes to politics.

Perhaps all this abuse from the left got to Uhlmann in the end and that is why after almost 20 years at the ABC he decided to make the switch. If that is the case it is a sad reflection that a journalist who has the perception of being a conservative can be run out of our national broadcaster which is supposed to be balanced. But unfortunately for these leftists Uhlmann will continue to be a big player in the Australia political scene and now that is he free from the ABC might even trigger them more.


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