Robbers Arrested After Store-Owner Convinces Them “To Come Back Later” TWICE


A group of six would-be robbers were arrested in Belgium for trying to rob an e-cigarette store. Surely the six could have gotten away with it but decided to take some free advice from the soon-to-be victim of their robbery attempt.

The robbers went into the store at 3:00 in the afternoon demanding all the money in the register. The owner who was identified by CNN as a man by the name of “Didier” didn’t hand over the cash, but instead suggested to the robbers to come back later in the day when he had made more sales. Amazingly, the six men took his advice and left the store.

Didier called the police, who took his statement but didn’t stick around as they were sure the robbers wouldn’t come back. Just a while later, however, the six men returned looking for the money.

Didier scolded them and told them they were still too early, since he had told them to return at closing time. “You have to buy a watch,” he said to them, “it’s 5:30, not 6:30.” To which, once again, they took his que and left the store once more only to return an hour later when police were waiting to apprehend them.

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