Corporate Australia has demonstrated in recent years it has now been captured by social justice warriors. Maybe it was the years of demonization by progressive activists and the leftist media about corporate greed which made them all have a sense of guilt and begin formulating corporate social responsibility policies?

Their social justice virtue signalling was no more apparent that during the same sex marriage postal survey when all of the major corporations supported the Equality Campaign and not a single one supported the Coalition for Marriage.

Climate change is another issue Corporate Australia now embraces with the big banks no longer willing to lend to coal projects which has contributed along with government policy to the increase in power prices.

But now Corporations do not just state their social justice credentials on their website but now stamp them on their products. Again, this was on display in the same sex marriage debate with Coke releasing marriage equality cans.

In fact, there is company which now sells only products that have social justice messages on them. This is Sparkke Brewery who sell beer, wine and cider products which each have a different social justice cause emblazed on them.

Spakke doesn’t describe itself as a company but “a team of young social activists representing diverse orientations, cultures, and backgrounds, we’re disrupting a 4 billion dollar a year beer industry that is male dominated”. The team is so diverse there is no men on it.

Spakke has six different causes which are on their cans and 10% of their direct sales goes to an organisation connected with the cause.

The first is sexual consent or more specifically affirmative sexual consent which means that if a woman does not specifically say yes, she can later claim she was raped. This commonly occurs when a male and female have drunken sex and the woman regrets it a day later.

Then there is the cause of asylum seekers as we all know our nation has been so thoroughly culturally enrichment by the refugees and asylum seekers our government has taken in.

They also want to change the date of Australia Day again because of its alleged offensiveness to indigenous Australians.

There is gender equality which they are quite vague in what that actually means but claim that feminism isn’t about man hating but about equality, we don’t see much evidence of that. Apparently one of the gender equality causes they believe is important is women going topless at the beach.

There is of course marriage equality, even though same sex marriage has been legalised that doesn’t mean anyone should stop virtue signalling about their support for the LGBTIQ+ community.

Then finally there is climate change which is to blame for bushfires and cyclones.

They have also already got their commemorative Trump 2020 CU Next Tuesday cans. A bit premature don’t you think?

Of course there will be enough inner city hipsters who will gladly buy such products and companies never cop any backlash for supporting such social justice causes.

But don’t you dare ever release products that have any hint of conservative politics. Let’s not forget what happened to Coopers Brewery earlier this year after they sponsored a Bible Society Debate on same sex marriage with Liberal MPs Tim Wilson and Andrew Hastie.

After a social media and inner-city bar backlash they released a cringeworthy apology video where they pledged their support for marriage equality.

They also cancelled a range of commemorative cans to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Bible Society. It seems that corporations are only allowed to have the politically correct opinion.

All we can do is be aware of companies such as Sparkke and make sure we never accidently pick up a slab or frequent any venues that stock it. The left certainly doesn’t need any further assistance for their causes, we at least still can use our consumer dollars wisely.

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