Serena Williams Acted Like a Monster. MSM Defends Her Anyway


Triumphant, dignified, classy, and a win for the underdog. Just a few words that describe the way in which Serena Williams’ opponent acted in a tremendously awkward situation. Naomi Osaka, 20-years-old, managed to look like the adult in the room as her 36-year-old adversary acted petulantly and aggressively.

I’m sure you’ve heard the story, so I’m not going to go through the trouble of rehashing the incident. In a nut-shell, Serena Williams became wildly and angrily irrational after being rightly fined for cheating, violating game regulation, and verbally abusing an umpire. This led to a bittering of Naomi’s incredible upset win as stadiums erupted in booing as she accepted her award.

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To most, the behaviour of Serena Williams was inappropriate to say the least, however to the writers of large news organizations, the issue lies with a racist and sexist society and not with Serena Williams Herself.

“Today Explained,” a Vox podcast, alluded to the fact that Williams could have acted better, but placed most of the blame with the umpire and called the incident a Rorschach test for what an individual believes about race and gender. The ABC called the incident demonstrative of a gender-biased double-standard. The Fast Company tried to minimize the issue by comparing Serena to far less significant male players. And the Sydney Morning Harald ran a piece defending Williams by making the point that all women go through those stages of anger.

The coverage on behalf of mainstream publications has been openly biased toward a far-left intersectional point of view, leaving one caveat for The Guardian who called Serena Williams out as being wrong and responsible for her own actions. The coverage of Serena Williams also doesn’t hold water, as claiming the issue was about gender and race largely ignored that Serena lost against another female racial minority.

Another issue that can be easily observed through the coverage of Serena William’s violent outburst is the far left’s infantilization and lesser regard for racial minorities. Playing down the inappropriate behaviour of an accomplished world-class athlete worth over 100 million dollars because she is black and a woman is a clear belittling of her inherent ability.

Serena Williams is an accomplished and highly successful individual who managed to gain wealth beyond the preview of the vast majority of the world’s population. She and her family have privilege by an objective standard unlike most men and women of any colour, creed, or heritage will ever get a chance to experience even a fraction of. She can and should be treated as exactly what she is; a capable adult who acted like a pedantic, spoiled, and entitled brat, unbecoming of a figure of her stature and visibility in society, simply due to facing an upset loss to a relative novice.

Emilio Garcia
Deputy Editor, The Unshackled
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Emilio Garcia Deputy Editor, The Unshackled Host of The Front and Center Podcast
Emilio Garcia Deputy Editor, The Unshackled Host of The Front and Center Podcast