University Punished Student Passing Out Bible Verses Outside “Free Speech Zone” / Student Now Suing


A student by the name of Polly Olsen was reprimanded by her university for passing out cards with quotes on them. The cards were not anything political or incendiary in nature, rather were simply valentine’s day cards in the shape of hearts that read “Jesus Loves You” and bible verses.

The University claims that the student was not being reprimanded for passing out bible verses, rather she was doing it outside the university’s “Free Speech Zones,” and believed the bible is a subject that must be secluded to certain areas of campus.

Polly Olsen said this about her decision to sue the university: “I love my school, but I love freedom and God more. Being in America, everyone has the constitutional right to hand out Birthday cards, Christmas cards, invitations, notes, Valentines and whatever else they want that is under protected speech without getting approval. This freedom needs to be recognized not only at NWTC, but across the country.”

Watch this interview with Polly Olsen and her lawyer below: