Years ago radio show host Alex Jones on air suggested that the Sandy Hook School Shooting was fake. A perfectly reasonable suggestion when you know the type of shifty operations governments and their intelligence agencies get up to in this modern world. Now he has been ordered to pay around 50 million USD in damages for that so called hurtful speech. But is this really about the victims of Sandy Hook and their feelings, or is it all just an excuse to bankrupt and shutdown Infowars?

Hear Alex Jones response to the judgements

Alex Jones and Infowars helped Trump get elected in 2016. Since then they have been kicked off many platforms and have had lots of lawsuits thrown their way. The communist agents in our system have targeted them for destruction. They needed to do so in order to stop Alex from helping Trump get elected in any future elections. This is typical commie behaviour. The communists rig elections, unfairly imprison right wingers, and they even encouraged Trump supporters to storm the Capital Building on Jan 6th as an excuse to impeach Trump. They are willing to do absolutely anything, to go that far to achieve their goal of communism and socialism for America, no matter how morally wrong it is. And for that goal to be achieved conservatives like Trump cannot be elected again since he prevented some of the socialist programs from going ahead. Therefore Infowars has to be shut down or rendered ineffectual so that they can’t help get Trump elected in the future, and that was the real reason these lawsuits were brought against them in the first place. It had nothing to do with “concern” for the welfare of the Sandy Hook “victims” which I’m sure the lawyers pretended they had so much of. 

This trial of Alex Jones was unfair and illegal from the beginning. The communists have had to break the justice systems laws in order to deliver a judgement penalty large enough to bankrupt Infowars. The fact that the figure amount is so much that their whole operation might have to close is not just a coincidence. That 50million figure has been perfectly calculated, calculated to ruin. Even lawyers for the Sand Hook victims said statements like ‘Infowars needs to be shutdown’ etc. It’s clear what they were really doing with the court case. This shows no respect to the “victims” and is capitalising on them. They are using hurtful speech as an excuse to shutdown Infowars and Alex Jones. They do not care at all about the Sandy Hook “victims”, they know that whatever Alex said wasn’t worth 50m in damages. I’m sure a figure of 1 million dollars would be plenty to compensate any hurtful words, and even that I would never give if I were judge as freedom of speech is clearly allowed by law in America, it’s protected by the Constitution and thats all Alex exercised here, his constitutional right to freedom of speech. The freedom to utter what he believes. A right only a communist 1984 system would try to remove. Yet the judge decided that Alex had to pay, and pay an amount that’ way beyond anything reasonable. She also made it clear she thought he was guilty prior to even listening to both sides of the argument, violating the unbiased judge rule and intentionally influencing the jury. It indicated that she was totally bought out or had a personal grudge against Alex Jones, therefore she was a totally inappropriate judge for the case. Gosh it makes me wish that someone said something hurtful to me so that I could ask for a billion dollars in court!

From The Herald Sun Sunday Edition

How the Communist western world that we live in works is that if someone is right wing and successful, leftist agents working within the government go after them using the court system, tax department or police etc. These government departments are like tools to kill their enemy. They don’t care what those departments are supposed to be used for.They don’t yell at the right winger on the street or pop his/her car tyres. What they do is invent something the person might have done wrong. Then use that as the excuse to get the system to go after them and snuff them out. The communist agents do a witch hunt on right wingers basically, except no burning alive occurs, although an experience with a leftist rigged dyke judge might be considered one. In Alex’s case so called hurtful statements about the Sandy Hook “Shooting” were used as the excuse. Then whilst the justice system is going after the right winger for what they did “wrong” they corrupt that process and make sure the right winger loses the court case and gets destroyed and silenced by the final judgment. This is a political legal assassination of sorts. So in this case Alex Jones being ordered to pay the 50m is the hit. It will cause many problems for Infowars and the leftist agents hope that the right wing success they initially went after will turn into a right wing failure and then will no longer be a problem to their disgusting socialist utopia. This isn’t just about Trump or Alex Jones. This is about any future right wing political movements. They don’t want media organisations that help conservatives get elected. They try to control all the medias, and work to make sure that the people can never hear the names of proper right wing politicians, let alone want to vote for them. 

The justice system gets used inappropriately by communist agents for political hits on conservatives. I had an experience with leftists in the justice system and my case was totally rigged and unfair. The judge was not there to hear both sides fairly and make up her mind, she didn’t even want to see my submissions. The judge already had her mind made up and she was there to deliver the biggest sentence possible. And I noticed there were many other cases against right wingers which had similar rigging too. It’s clear what is going on. When we have judges being communists or secretly accepting money from communists then we get this problem. Alex Jones was not given a fair trial. He deserves one. Right wingers are not given fair trails in general. We deserve them. Leftist let criminals get away with murder as they would rather use the justice system for political attacks on conservatives instead, that’s how dedicated they are to achieving the socialist “utopia” they are working towards. Everything I have heard Alex Jones say about his case fits the same description of what I experienced and what I’ve witnessed other right wingers experience in our communist corrupted system. It’s shocking but sadly I’m totally not surprised at all. It is what is to be expected these leftist days. The reason we are so leftist today as a society is because our legal system has been corrupted by communist agents for many years. They have been rigging court cases, they have been getting the police to ignore criminals and go after right wingers etc. Sadly the Alex jones case is just a continuation of this. Now we know. 

It’s shown us that if you expose the corrupt communist intelligence agency and their shifty tactics used to impose gun control laws in America that they will go after you and bankrupt you. It’s that simple, that’s the facts of it. Will Infowars bounce back and remain on air? That I don’t know, but I do know that no matter what these legal attacks will and have distracted them massively from their daily operations. Let’s hope they can continue helping the conservative movement going into the future. 

In the past year I’ve come to understand how our elections are rigged and how shifty court cases against Trump supporting medias are just a small part of that long term rigging operation. There are many things which need to be done in order to cement a leftist victory in American elections, and a ridiculously excessive Alex Jones Sandy Hook settlement amount is just another one of those things. Let’s just wait and see how Infowars will be affected by being bankrupted. Hopefully they won’t be promoting transgenders, vaccines and leftism in a few years time, like all the other major media outlets do. 

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Andy Nolch is news minus the propaganda. He exposes communist propaganda in the mainstream media and seeks to stop the leftist cult which has taken over western civilisation from capturing your mind. Check out the Andy Nolch Show for a good trustworthy weekly news summary. Because when life becomes a battleground, knowledge is your best weapon.
Andy Nolch is news minus the propaganda. He exposes communist propaganda in the mainstream media and seeks to stop the leftist cult which has taken over western civilisation from capturing your mind. Check out the Andy Nolch Show for a good trustworthy weekly news summary. Because when life becomes a battleground, knowledge is your best weapon.