SBS Publishes Anarchist To Call Australians Racist Over Virus

SBS says these people are nazis

SBS has published an entire article quoting an anonymous Anarchist claiming that unnamed “white supremacists and neo-Nazi groups in Australia” had welcomed the rise of the coronavirus.

Fake news doesn’t get any faker.

SBS writer Jarni Blakkarly managed to write an article about the supposed delight in which “neo-nazis” had welcomed the rise of the deadly virus and the lockdown that followed without producing a single piece of evidence. Not a screenshot. Not a single named “white supremacist” group. And the only source was a follower of an ideology that believes it’s ethical to murder police. The long term anarchist activist who formed the basis of the piece goes by the fake name of “Slackbastard” and was probably most recently notable for being one of the earliest supporters of the cowardly anarchist murderer Jock Palfreeman.

SBS Jarni
Jarni winning a junior Walkley. Apparently being a “quality” journalist means you don’t need actual sources. Or real stories.

So Jarni based his entire piece on the unfounded assertions of an anonymous blog that cheerleads for a murderer who drunkenly stabbed the left wing son of a Bulgarian socialist politician in the back for being a “fascist”.

But perhaps that’s being unfair. After opening his piece with the claims of a man who openly states that he wants to destroy all modern Australian society (and supports the murder of police) he also quotes the “White Rose Society” a group with no named spokesperson which was once praised in NSW parliament by the Marxist-loving Greens MP David Shoebridge. While they take pains to be anonymous judging from the badly designed “White Rose Society” website (where pretty much everyone to the right of the Liberal Party is a Fascist or a Nazi) the terminology and writing style suggests links with the Anarchists of the Brisbane “Anti Fascist Action” group.

Speaking of terminology and writing style one piece was penned under the “White Rose Society” banner for the British “Hope not Hate” organisation (who have been known to be… less than truthful at times). From the prose it’s pretty obvious that the writer is also behind articles at the Slackbastard blog, when you’ve been writing for almost two decades it’s hard to hide certain idiosyncratic turns of phrase.

So Jarni wrote an article for SBS quoting an anonymous anarchist who supports a murderer making claims about nameless groups backed up by no evidence and then also quoted as a separate source to support the first an anonymous quote from a group that the first anarchist activist almost certainly belongs to.

Jarni did put a patina of glitter on the poo by also quoting Dr Kristy Campion from Charles Sturt University. Kristy didn’t back up the original claims from her anonymous friends but just kind of commented on the quotes while of course providing no evidence. Dr Campion is developing quite the resume as a go to girl when a left wing journalist needs someone to randomly denounce the supposed right wing terrorist threat. Hopefully when Dr Campion is teaching at CSUs Graduate School of Policing she imbues her students with a better respect for facts and evidence than those displayed in her media appearances.

Amazingly when SBS put together a video version of the story only Dr Campion’s comments were left in, while those of the anarchists were cut. While this made the story even more hilariously fact free it was also disappointing, don’t our left wing extremist friends like being on camera?

This is of course not the first time Jarni Blakkarly has given a platform to extremists. Only recently during the quarantine breaking protest held by the revolutionary Trotskyist group “Solidarity” Jarni gave an uncritical SBS microphone to Lucy Honan and Chris Breen, both Marxist extremists of decades standing. When he copped a backlash on Twitter for his most recent article two of the first to express their sympathy were Padraic Gibson (Also a Marxist activist with the Solidarity group) and the official account of the Refugee Action Collective, a Trotskyist front group run by Lucy Honan and Chris Breen.

Padraic Gibson, member of the revolutionary Marxist group “Solidarity”

RAC Victoria. A front group for the revolutionary Marxist group “Solidarity”

Of course this could all be a mistake on Jarni’s part. But it is interesting that a man who has written for left wing clickbait outlets like Junkee and Vice and the decidedly left of centre SBS wouldn’t know of some of Australia’s more prominent left wing extremist activists. It’s even less likely when that man started writing for the (taxpayer funded) extreme left journal Overland while it was being edited by Jeff Sparrow the founder of Australia’s largest revolutionary Marxist group Socialist Alternative. A couple of years later Jarni was signing an open letter condemning Bill Leak as a racist alongside Mr Sparrow, so perhaps the association is friendlier than merely professional. Jarni also joined the Jeff Sparrow led “writers for refugees” and wrote alongside Jeff at the far-left Eureka Street magazine where he condemned the Australian Parliament for having too many white people. In the same magazine Jarni condemned the racist “anti-Chinese fear-mongering” by Australian journalists. Not last week mind you, this was 2016.

I think we’re all starting to see exactly what type of person Jarni is, what type of reporter. But it’s really summed up by an article he wrote for Junkee before he started working for SBS condemning the election of Pauline Hanson. Apparently giving “Racists Like Pauline Hanson” any sort of a platform is “Dangerous And Stupid” and that the “argument that her newly elected status as a Senator gives her a legitimate right to be given a platform to preach her views” was unacceptable.

In other words being an elected Senator supported by a million Australian voters but who disagrees with Jarni means you should be shunned and de-platformed. While being an anonymous anarchist who supports murderers, cop-killing, and the dissolution of the Australian nation as it currently exists means that not only will Jarni give you a platform on SBS, but you won’t even have to provide any evidence for what you’re using that platform to claim.

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Lucas Rosas
Lucas Rosas has spent years monitoring far left extremists so you don’t have to. He lives in a secure location with multiple large and hungry guard dogs.
Lucas Rosas
Lucas Rosas has spent years monitoring far left extremists so you don’t have to. He lives in a secure location with multiple large and hungry guard dogs.
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