On Sunday, RMIT University hosted a planning meeting for a mass riot to be held by a revolutionary extremist group that wants to overthrow the government.

The meeting was held by the “Blockade IMARC” group. This organisation has repeatedly declared its intention to use mining conference IMARC, being held in Melbourne between the 28th and 31st of October, to re-enact the S11 riots that occurred around Crown Casino in 2000. The meeting was held on the ninth floor of Building 80 in the main RMIT CBD campus just across from the State Library and Melbourne Central train station.

Blockade IMARC is a project initiated and dominated by the Trotskyist group Socialist Alternative. Socialist Alternative is a revolutionary Marxist organisation whose main aim is the overthrow of the government and the implementation of a totalitarian socialist state in the mould of the early Soviet Union.

The two major spokeswomen for Blockade IMARC who have declared their intention to recreate the largest riots Melbourne has seen this century (Emma Black and Sarah Garnham) are both Socialist Alternative activists. The administrator and creator of the event’s media outreach group is Omar Hassan. Hassan is the editor of the Socialist Alternative’s theoretical journal Marxist Left Review and also was the organiser of both the violent attack on a Reclaim Australia rally in Sydney in 2015 and the blockade of Bettina Arndt’s talk at USyd last year. The coordinator responsible for organising the poster runs advertising the event is Omar’s less well known sister Ridah Hassan who is also a Marxist activist and who accompanied her brother north, from Melbourne to Sydney, to re-found the Socialist Alternative group at the University of Sydney. The person who funded the printing of the 10,000 posters currently being plastered all over Melbourne was Jerome Small, the industrial organiser for Socialist Alternative who was one of the founding members of the group back in 1995 and also stood as a candidate in this year’s federal election for the Socialist Alternative electoral front “Victorian Socialists”.

It is notable that despite doing their best to make a splash in the media and even inviting sympathetic journalists to their organising meetings, the only major news organisation to report on this upcoming event was the Herald Sun and even that was a single article, two months ago.

It’s astonishing that the largest extremist group in Australia is intending to organise mass lawbreaking and riots to shut down a mining conference co-sponsored by the Victorian government in the centre of Melbourne and nobody in the fourth estate seems interested in reporting it (even as said extremists do everything bar jumping up and down on the spot trying to get them to do so).

You have a group that calls for violent revolution openly organising mass lawbreaking to shut down a major international mining conference, holding a planning meeting in the main building of the main campus of a taxpayer-funded university, and not one journalist seems to think it is newsworthy, even after being invited to attend. That’s right: sympathetic journalists were invited to be in the room while a riot was being planned in RMIT University and still didn’t report on it.

Yet the very same journalists will probably all write how shocked they were after the event that a “peaceful protest” descended into violence and some will no doubt find a way to blame the police and conference attendees for being attacked.

Funny, hey?

Well no, actually. Not funny at all.

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