December is most known as the month of Christmas, the closing off of the calendar year and in Australia the beginning of the summer holidays. But now the month has also been infected by leftist gender social engineers who are always looking for a new way to promote the concept of gender fluidly, especially to children.

In 2014 a group called Play Unlimited founded No Gender December with the aim to end what they call ‘gender stereotyped toys’. They believe that with correct parental conditioning you can actually defy biological reality and scientific studies and make boys like girl’s toys and girls like boy toys. Last year they were successful in lobbying major Australian retailers Big W and Target to end having gendered toy categories in their stores.

No Gender December has also gone international with gender neutral marketing arriving in the Netherlands this year along with release of gender neutral clothing lines. Retailers in the United Kingdom and the United States have also been removing gendered toy signage in their stores over the past few years.

This year however the campaign in Australia appears to have lost steam, mainly because its most fierce public advocate former Greens Senator Larissa Waters was found ineligible to sit in parliament by the High Court. She claimed No Gender December was important because gendered toys ‘feed into very serious problems such as domestic violence and the gender pay gap’.

However, there are plenty of other gender neutral activists willing to pick up where Waters left off. In Victoria there was recently a conference between Victorian sport leaders, professional clubs, sport governing bodies and government partners that emerged with a key recommendation that sporting codes “employ gender-neutral language across the sporting sector’’. This includes adopting terms such as “ruckperson” and “batspeople”.

Apparently this will help to reduce violence against women. Not surprisingly this push comes as a result of research conducted by Swinburne University and Latrobe University which was the home of the Safe Schools program and its Marxist founder Roz Ward. Add to that this project was commissioned by the Andrews Government’s Office of Prevention and Women’s Equality.

Let us also remember that the Victorian Government also has published an inclusive language guide so you can learn to be inclusive, respectful and responsive when dealing with gender diverse individuals. Who needs Larissa Waters when you have the Daniel Andrews Victorian Labor Government.

Sadly, this gender bending madness is actually affecting the next generation of parents. We have seen the disturbing trend of children now being raised gender neutral where they are not allowed at all to present as their biological gender. It is a concept that is eagerly promoted by our media and celebrity parents. We recently saw the trauma that had been suffered by a now adult woman who had been raised gender neutral.

Thankfully these gender activists cannot invade your home on Christmas Day and inspect if you are giving gender-neutral toys to your children. Even though the major retailers may have taken down their gender signage, most sensible people still know that if in doubt what to buy for a child for Christmas, you can’t go wrong with a Barbie for a girl and a truck for a boy.

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