The Unshackled Waves Ep. 143 AEC Redistributions, Immigration Debates,Trump Attacks Syria and Regressives Update


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This week we welcome back to the show to discuss the latest news Senior Editor of The Unshackled Damien Ferri.

A nerdy political topic which is worth exploring is the Australian Electoral Commission’s seat redistributions of the House of Representatives. Victoria goes from 37 to 38 seats with the effect of giving Labor 2.5 extra seats. The new seat of Fraser in western Melbourne in safe Labor while Dunkley in Frankston goes from marginal Liberal to marginal Labor. Corangamite goes from marginal Liberal to 50-50 and is renamed Cox. The ACT goes from 2 to 3 seats netting Labor another safe seat. In South Australia, the seat of Port Adelaide held by Labor President Mark Butler is abolished however the seat of Hindmarsh goes from marginal Labor to safe Labor. With Kate Ellis retiring in Adelaide no South Australian Labor MP will be without a seat. The House has now expanded from 150 to 151.

Last week Australian politics was in the shadow of Malcolm Turnbull’s 30 consecutive Newspoll losses. A side effect was an alleged Cabinet leak that Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton wanted the annual immigration intake reduced by 20k. Malcolm Turnbull and Julie Bishop claimed it didn’t go to cabinet, Dutton said he did raise it with Cabinet colleagues. Tony Abbott said he was firmly in the Dutton camp on this, appearing to aniot Dutton as the conservative leadership successor. The push to accept persecuted white South African farmers continues to gain public support with rallies in Brisbane and Perth, though the federal government has not accepted any asylum applications.

Following an alleged chemical weapons attack carried out by the Assad regime in Douma, Syria last Saturday a coalition made up of the US, Britain and France launched 105 missiles at Syria, 71 of which were shot down. The plausibility of Syrian regime carrying out this attack is questionable as Assad was about to win the war. Trump was always against intervention in Syria so many of his supporters are feeling betrayed, many are wondering if this is the influence of new National Security Advisor John Bolton. Other speculations for Trump’s change of policy are blackmail, to distract from the Mueller investigation or it could be another of his famous 5D chess moves. World War 3 is not likely to happen as Russia took a measured response.

Australia’s Regressives returned again this week. Yassmin Abdel Magied was announced to be hosting a new ABC show, a hijab fashion show. Later in the week, she was denied entry to the United States which she suggested was due to racism and Islamophobia. However, she simply had the wrong visa as you cannot earn money from speaking engagements on a tourist visa. Race Discrimination Commissioner Tim Soutphommasane released a report claiming that despite non-European and Indigenous people making up 24 percent of the Australian population they only account for 5 percent of senior leaders in politics, business, academia. However, why didn’t include other respectable occupations such as small business, medicine and finance?…

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