Fasts: Walk with Jalal – Highlights and Speeches


The Unshackled covered the Walk with Jalal on Sunday 15th April 2018 as part of the Justice for Jalal campaign. 13-year-old Jalal Yassine-Naja was hit and killed by Ayou Deng a Sudanese mother of seven while he skateboarded to school in Brookfield, Melbourne in March 2017. Deng was only charged with unlicensed driving and sentenced to 80 hours community service last month. Jalal’s mother Olivia Yassine is campaigning for the police investigation to be reopened and for Jalal’s Law to be legislated so the legal loophole Deng used cannot be used again.

Below is a highlights video of the walk and videos of the speeches in full. We heard from victims of crime advocate George Halvagis, father of Pat Cronin Matt who was killed in a one-punch attack, Shadow Minister for Police and Corrections Liberal MLC Edward O’Donohue as well as hearing from Olivia herself and her experience over the past year in dealing with the loss of her son and campaign for justice. There is a petition for Jalal’s Law as well as a legal fighting fund.

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