Facebook Pages associated with Future Now Australia have been removed from the platform this afternoon. This includes the main page Future Now Australia, Stop the Mosques and Save Australia.

Future Now was able to inform its followers of this action by Facebook via its one remaining Facebook page Future Now News where they also stated pages associated with the True Blue Crew have been removed.

They also alleged that Facebook is taking this course of action on the orders of Prime Minister Scott Morrison as part of a free speech crackdown.


Future Now is operated by Dan Spiller and the wider Spiller family who for a number of months in 2018 had patriot activist Neil Erikson as a contributor. They were behind the failed Conservative Forum show in early 2018 and the failed Ann and Milo Live show which was scheduled to take place in December 2018.

The pages had been used post the Christchurch shootings to spread news and memes from Senator Fraser Anning’s Facebook page and also posted a number of controversial memes mocking eggboy Will Connolly when he was restrained in a headlock at Anning’s Melbourne meeting last Saturday

If this is part of a broader right wing purge from Facebook, as the federal government has indicated remains to be seen. It could only be a crackdown on more provocative and controversial meme pages.

Although Future Now has a website and YouTube channel they are currently inactive as Future Now primarily built up its following on Facebook and where it was able to spread its videos and memes.

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