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After the triumphs of Brexit and Trump in 2016 the political establishment made a comeback this year and to a large degree they were successful. On this week’s review show we will look back at the political developments of 2017 in Europe, the United States. To do this we welcome back to the show Unshackled Contributor Jacob Watts.

In Europe’s election year Party for Freedom leader in the Netherlands Geert Wilders increased his party’s representation, but wasn’t able to unseat the ruling Coalition. In France nationalist Marine Le Pen made it to the run off round of the Presidential Election but lost in a landslide to globalist Emmanuel Macron. The UK was besieged by three deadly terrorist attacks this year and saw a snap general election which backfired on Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May losing her majority in parliament and strengthened Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership. In Germany’s election Angela Merkel grip on power was weakened with the nationalist AfD obtaining 12.6% of the vote. In Austria 31 year old Sebastian Kurz became Chancellor who as Foreign Minister fought the Islamization of that nation. Eastern Europe had become western civilization’s greatest defenders with Poland and Hungary refusing to take in any migrants and defying the EU.

United States President Donald Trump got as much of his agenda implemented through executive order has he could, including his travel ban, the rolling back of regulations and tearing up the TPP and the Paris Climate According. Despite the Republicans having a majority in both houses of Congress getting his legislative agenda implemented proved more difficult. His foreign policy agenda of having better relations with Russia was met with sabotage from the deep state, this was assisted by the media spreading fake news about Trump colluding with Russians to influence the 2016 election along with other deliberate false reporting. The United States remained terrorized by radical leftist groups such as Antifa and also saw the alt-right grow in popularity.

In Australia our political leaders still submitted to the twin religions of climate change and Islam, this was despite Australia not being immune from Islamic terror attacks and threats and electricity prices constantly rising. We saw an unprecedented number of attacks on our national day with three Inner Melbourne councils deciding to cancel their Australia Day festivities. Same sex marriage was legalized after 61.6% of Australians voted yes in a postal survey, although the issue is now resolved it showed once again the left’s totalitarian tactics. Labor has been consistently ahead in the polls and they won the two state elections held this year, there has been much speculation about Malcolm Turnbull’s leadership as his handling of issues such as the dual citizenship saga put constant question marks over his political judgement.

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