2016 was a euphoric year for those who knew western civilization was in need of saving, that the political establishment and globalist elite were setting us on the path to ruin. Brexit was an unexpected triumph as was the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States.

There were many who thought in light of these victories we could achieve anything, that 2017 was going to be the year we consolidated on our successes and continued the fightback, awaking more of the masses to what our political and cultural leaders were really up to.

How very wrong we were to rest on our loreals. After the left had their meltdown after Brexit and Trump they regrouped and vowed to return in 2017 to take back control and to a large degree they have been successful.


Many thought that Trump’s victory would empower similar nationalist leaders in Europe to replicate his success during the continent’s bumper election year. However, given that Europe is home to the ultimate globalist body the European Union, it made it extremely difficult for nationalist parties there to shake up the political system.

In the Netherlands Geert Wilders had hopes to increase his Party for Freedom’s representation in the national parliament. He had been warning of the dangers of mass Islamic immigration since the early 2000s and sadly had seen all his predictions come true. It had a net gain of 5 seats and came second but enough establishment parties were able to agree to a Coalition with Prime Minister Mark Rutte remaining in office.

Marine Le Pen in France made it to the run off round of the Presidential Election however she only obtained 33% of the vote with globalist Emmanuel Macron winning in a landslide promising closer ties with Europe and no change in France’s immigration policies. However the gloss has now worn off Macron and his approval rating is already in freefall.

The Untied Kingdom had an unexpected general election with Theresa May going to the polls three years early hoping to receive her own electoral mandate. It was a year of terror in the United Kingdom with Islamists carrying out three attacks killing 35. Theresa May’s leadership following these attacks was lacking and as a result the election resulted in a hung parliament with presumed unelectable socialist Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn now in the box seat to win office at the next election.

Austria was where the nationalists made their biggest gains with 31-year old Sebastian Kurz becoming Chancellor after Austria’s two right wing parties the Austrian People’s Party and the Freedom Party able to form a Coalition Government after the nation’s parliamentary elections. Kurz despite his age has had significant political experience being the Foreign Minister of Austria for four years where he fought to stop the spread of radical Islam in Austria.


Germany also had its federal elections this year, despite incumbent Chancellor Angela Merkel being from the conservative Christian Democrats she had opened the doors of Europe to over one million migrants from the Middle East and Africa which had resulted in the draining of many European nations’ budgets and increases in violent and sexual crimes throughout the continent.

But the people of Germany were not without an alternative come election time, a new nationalist party appropriately named the Alternative for Germany had been growing in support. They won 12.6% of the vote coming in third. Angela Merkel however still did not get the message and refused to enter Coalition negotiations with the AfD, but her grip on power has been weakened with no other party in the German Bundestag willing to back her in a Coalition.

Eastern Europe

While things still look grim in Western Europe it is in the East where the nationalist resurgence is at its strongest. Poland is ruled by the nationalist Law and Justice Party and the nation has a strong grassroots nationalist movement. The Polish government has listened to wishes of their people and are refusing to take any of the migrants that are flooding into Europe. This type of resilience is what 45 years of communist oppression will do to a nation’s people.

In Hungary their Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is so determined to protect the borders of his nation that he has built a border wall to keep out the migrants and demanded the EU pay for it. Of course, the EU hasn’t taken kindly to both Poland and Hungry reasserting their national identity and sovereignty and are currently suing them for their refusal to take in any migrants.

The United States and Trump

The man who started this new political revolution United States Presidential Donald Trump saw his biggest battles commence once he was inaugurated. There was no way that the political establishment from both the Democratic and Republican parties were going to make it easy for him to implement his agenda.

We also saw the deep state do its best to thwart Trump’s change in foreign policy, then of course there was the mainstream media who after their choice for President Hillary Clinton lost they aimed to reassert their dominance of the political news cycle.

Trump did all he could to implement his agenda by executive order, his travel ban however was held up by activist federal courts since being implemented in January and only this month it gained approval from the highest court in the land.

He also decreed that government agencies repeal two regulations for every new regulation they create, he also rolled back Obama era EPA regulations and he tore up the Trans Pacific Partnership and the Paris Climate Accord as part of his America First pledge.

Getting his agenda through Congress proved more of a challenge despite the Republicans holding a majority in both houses. Obamacare is still in place, funds have not been allocated yet for the border wall. He only obtained his first major legislative victory this month with the passing of income and company tax cuts which benefit every American who pays tax.

Trump came into office wanting to have better relations with Russia, but the deep state had other ideas. Soon the intelligence agencies started leaking against him and the Trump-Russia collusion conspiracy was born. It included an unverified intelligence dossier which claimed that Trump was being blackmailed by the Russians and forced the resignation of his National Security Advisor Michael Flynn. Now Special Counsel Robert Muller has been appointed to investigate Trump and Russia finding no evidence so far to support this theory.

The mainstream media couldn’t prevent Trump being elected President, so this year they tried their best to destroy his Presidency. This included much fake news, their favourite of course was the Russia conspiracy but also that Trump was implementing policies that aimed to intentionally discriminate against minorities, the most recent example was that he banned certain words at the Centre for Disease Control.

The only action Trump took that the mainstream media appeared to approve of was the Syrian air strikes after an alleged chemical weapons attack by the Assad Government on its people. They didn’t seem to care that this action went against Trump election pledge not to intervene in Syria and avoid the United States being involved in nation building and empowering ISIS in any way.

The media when they were not busy creating fake news they were busy tut-tutting at Trump for being un-Presidential in their opinion. Apparently, his tweets are the worst act committed ever by a President, he doesn’t drink water the correct way and that he didn’t hug enough hurricane victims when he toured the Hurricane Harvey damage in Texas.

The media now believe they are in the ascendency with their campaign to tear down Trump given that the Republicans suffered major losses during the 2017 election cycle losing the New Jersey and Virginian gubernatorial races and of course the Alabama Senate election.

But Trump has proved the media and commentators wrong before and nobody should underestimate his resolve to perform strongly in the 2018 midterm elections. The economy is performing well, companies have stopped shipping jobs overseas and ISIS is on the retreat so Trump as a record he can be proud of.


Back home in Australia we still have a political class that refuses to address the two most pressing threats to this nation. Our leaders still submit to the twin religions of climate change and Islam, we are still without free speech and our national institutions, culture and history continue to be under attack from the regressive left.

Australians suffered this year from continued increases in electricity prices and warnings we could be in for a summer of blackouts. The Labor Party still vowed to press ahead with their 50% renewable energy policy, the Coalition had at least some semblance of coming to reality on energy policy when it decided it would not proceed with the next level climate change policy the Clean Energy Target and instead proceed with a National Energy Guarantee which would put an emphasis on reliable electricity. However, they dare not still question the science of climate change or tear up any international climate agreements.

Australia this year also saw an unprecedented number of attacks on our culture and history, none were more prominent than the push to change the date of Australia Day. Three Inner Melbourne Councils made the decision to cancel their Australia Day festivities, there were calls to tear down our colonial statues and we saw our national broadcaster’s youth radio station Triple J move their annual music countdown from Australia Day. The Greens’ official policy is to change Australia Day while Labor has many members who support a change.

The influence of Islam continued to plague Australia in 2017, we were not immune from the wave of Islamic terror attacks occurring in the west with a siege in the Melbourne suburb of Brighton which killed a receptionist and wounded three police officers. The perpetrator was a Somali refugee and came no less than two weeks after ASIO chief Duncan Lewis told Pauline Hanson there was no link between our refugee program and terrorism.

Our authorities uncovered a number of other Islamic terror plots including trying to smuggle a bomb onto a plane. Despite this our federal government would not entertain any change to our immigration and refugee program with Malcolm Turnbull even accepting a prize for Australia’s open immigration policy. Let us not forget George Brandis’ hysterical response to Pauline Hanson’s burqa stunt.

Free speech was another casualty in 2017, Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act remains and to the Turnbull Government’s credit it did attempt to reform it. Cartoonist Bill Leak who was the latest high-profile person to fall afoul of 18C died with stress relating to 18C complaints against his work a contributing factor. We also saw the Bendigo Three found guilty of mocking Islam under Victoria’s Racial and Religious Tolerance Act who were tried at the behest of the Victorian Government.

Australia also finally had a vote on same sex marriage through a voluntary postal survey. It returned a strong yes vote of 61.6% with a turnout of 79.5% of eligible voters. It saw the parliament pass same sex marriage at the end of the parliamentary sitting year. Although the issue is now resolved the debate once again showed the totalitarian tactics of left who now have their sights set on achieving other progressive social causes.

The polls consistently put Labor in an election winning lead and there has been much speculation about Malcolm Turnbull’s leadership and his dragging of the Liberal Party too far to the left. There were two state elections both were won by the Labor Party, but the Coalition won two federal by elections brought on by the dual citizenship saga which consumed federal politics for most of the second half of the year and brought the scalp of Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce.

New Zealand

Our Tasman neighbour was also not immune to the toxic trends pervading the west. New Zealand had seen nine years of economically responsible government under the National Party led by John Key. However, before this election the less charismatic Bill English became Prime Minister and Labour changed leaders at the last minute to the youthful Jacinda Ardern who turned the party’s historically low polling figures around.

Ardern believed that government could solve every social problem and wanted to introduce countless new taxes. Despite National winning the most seats at the election under New Zealand’s MMP electoral system the minor party New Zealand First would decide who would form government. In what many people viewed as a betrayal of his voters’ leader Winston Peters backed Jacinda Ardern to be Prime Minister. Since her elevation Ardern has jumped on both the climate change and refugee bandwagon.


Taking on the political establishment was never going to be easy. As we have seen they enjoy the support of the media, the cultural elite, academia and the corporations. After their unexpected losses in 2016 they were going to use the resources at their disposal to their fullest extent and show no mercy to their political adversaries.

But the establishment still fears one thing more than anything, that is the voters. If enough people make some noise about a political issue, phone their MP’s office, take to the streets then politicians take notice. That is what needs to happen in 2018, the public needs to make its voice heard above all others.

The Unshackled is doing its bit by providing an alternative to the mainstream media and providing a voice to those who are ignored by the major players. The left has been very successful in beating the public into submission, quite literally. Online discussions and venting of frustrations need to translate into action and taking a public stand. A loud public voice is what needed to finally make the establishment take notice.

Author Details
Tim Wilms is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of, he is the Host of the WilmsFront live show, and co-host of The Brawler and the Brain and Trad Tasman Talk shows. He based in Melbourne, Australia where he also conducts field reports.
Tim Wilms is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of, he is the Host of the WilmsFront live show, and co-host of The Brawler and the Brain and Trad Tasman Talk shows. He based in Melbourne, Australia where he also conducts field reports.