NSW Police Break Up Marxist protest at Sydney Uni

NSW police at Usyd

NSW police yesterday shut down a Marxist organised protest at Sydney University, detained two protesters and hit them with $1000 dollar fines. The protest was nominally held by the “Sydney University Education Action Group” but he rally, speakers, most of the attendees and both of those detained were members of two revolutionary Trotskyist groups Socialist Alternative and Solidarity.

NSW Police have annoyed the left wing extremists of “Solidarity”.

Adam Adelpour a Marxist activist with the Solidarity group who was one of the two fined accused NSW Police of “a despicable and naked attack on the right to protest and resist” and called for “a serious and united effort to defend the right to protest by unions, students, workers, civil liberties organisations, climate activists and Indigenous rights activists, along with any supporters in the Greens and ALP”.

A banner of the Trotskyist group “Solidarity” was prominently displayed at the protest.

Socialist Alternative activist Josh Lees the other man fined was also unhappy with NSW police accusing them of trying to stifle dissent declaring “they are trying to establish now, that all protests are effectively banned, and for the foreseeable future.”

The chair of the meeting was Socialist Alternative activist and SRC Education officer Jack Mansell. Jack was speaking in between two Socialist Alternative banners and standing beside a model guillotine as NSW police moved in to break up the event. Along with the Solidarity banner present there could be no possible ambiguity as the extremist nature of the event or its organisers.

NSW police arrest Marxist
NSW police arrest Marxist activist Adam Adelpour

Solidarity has been in the news recently after one of their more prominent activists Paddy Gibson was arrested by NSW police (and invited to Parliament by NSW Greens) after staging an illegal protest breaching a NSW Supreme Court order. Solidarity are one of the left wing extremist groups who have been most active in breaching lock-down regulations. They were present during the night time attack on the Hyde Park statue of Captain Cook (again foiled by NSW police), they’ve organised quarantine busting “refugee” protests and they even organised a protest against the Morrison government for shutting down flights from China to fight the virus. Neither they nor their cousins in Socialist Alternative seem likely to stop flaunting the regulations meant for “lesser” people anytime soon. Thankfully NSW police seem to have had enough of their crap.

NSW police broke up a Marxist protest
Jack Mansell of Socialist Alternative speaks in front of a guillotine and beside a Socialist Alternative banner.

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