Monash University Promotes Left-Wing Activism in Latest Advertising Campaign


Universities have long been the breeding ground for both left wing activism and research. It is where the social justice warriors emerged during the University of Missouri protests in the United States in 2015. In Australia it was where the Safe Schools Program was born designed by Marxist academic Roz Ward at Latrobe University.

Now one university is openly promoting itself as a place to foster left-wing activism. Monash University which has multiple campuses in the state of Victoria has released a promotional video on their Facebook page along with the slogan ‘If you don’t like it, #changeit’.

The video is set to the tune of left-wing Australian rap group A.B. Original’s song Blaccout. It begins with video footage of alt-right leader Richard Spencer being punched in an unprovoked attack on Trump’s inauguration day. It then turns to footage critical of US foreign policy, followed by footage of extreme weather which is implied is a consequence of climate change.

It then attacks a series of American cultural phenomenons which starts with a person with Trump’s head dancing, it then goes onto to attack hunting, fast food, social media (even though this ad is on social media), child beauty pageants and the Westbro Baptist Church. Next in the video is refugees trying to get into Europe as well as disease pandemics (I’m not sure how you can blame the right for that).

It then shows a number of left wing rallies including the feminist slutwalk, the rally for refugees, students protesting university fee increases, invasion day marches and Emma Gonzalez addressing a gun control rally.

The video finally turns to some footage of Monash University itself of students and staff actually studying and researching (which is what university used to be about). The video symbolically finishes with zombie like young people walking to a Monash University Campus, its as though they walking in ready to be indoctrinated and brainwashed.

The whole advertisement has covered nearly every left wing cause. It basically confirms everything wrong with the modern university campus and should reinforce it is the last place we should be sending our young people. Not just because of the left wing indoctrination but the fact that a university degree’s value is falling to zero in the job market while piling onto young people a mountain of debt.

We would be better off encouraging our young people to take up a trade in areas where we have skills shortages. This advertisment may have the opposite effect on parents thinking of sending their children to university, but at least Monash is being honest about what its university’s values are.

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