ABC ME’s Facebook Page Deleted Over Backlash to Privilege Video


Ever since the ABC’s children’s channel ABC ME released its Happy Mardi Gras video describing it as a family event there has been further scrutiny over what type of other political indoctrination the channel has been engaged in. It was soon discovered ABC ME had a What It’s Like series which had episodes dedicated to being gay, transgender and having same sex parents. It also aired a short film called First Day about transgender girl starting High School and wanting to use the girl’s bathroom.

Last year ABC ME posted to its Facebook page a short rap clip which aimed to teach children about the leftist concept of privilege. It featured one of ABC ME’s hosts a white girl with a nose-ring (that should disqualify her from educating children) appearing to white-splain to an Asian host what privilege is, she uses the analogy of Ross, a straight, healthy and well-off 40-year-old male who can teleport across a river while Stevie, who is a refugee fleeing her home country struggles to swim across.

Despite it being posted last year the video only went viral last week with it being posted to conservative and right-wing Facebook groups and pages with it being mocked for its cringeworthiness and its blatant attempt to indoctrinate children into the leftist worldview. Many irritated people commented on the video itself and it amassed over 300,000 Facebook views.

Tonight the negative feedback became too much for the ABC and they deleted not only the video but the entire Facebook page. An ABC spokesperson told BuzzFeed News that “Due to the high level of inappropriate comments, we will consider other ways to engage with our intended audience”.

When you try to access the ABC ME Facebook page you are greeted with this message.


However the ABC spokesperson added that “ABC ME content can be found at the ABC ME website and the ABC ME YouTube channel.” Having experienced a wave of negative Facebook comments which they could not keep up deleting, all the videos on its YouTube channel now have the comments disabled.

The ABC can of course delete the video but the internet is forever. The video can still be viewed on the YouTube channel The Real Edustentialist who has posted the song, as well as the entire film the song appeared called the Activist Film, in which the ABC ME hosts discuss various ways to empower girls. Both these videos still allow comments.

One would hope that this renewed scrutiny and subsequent backlash against ABC ME might make them rethink some of the content they are putting out. But given that over on its comedy channel they believe it appropriate to call conservatives c**nts, don’t hold your breath. This act by the ABC would appear to have instead taught it a new way to censor criticism.

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