Fast – Australia Day 2018 at the True Blue Crew Beach Party


The Unshackled’s final stop on our Australia Day coverage in Melbourne was the True Blue Crew’s Beach Party which was held at Moran Reserve south of St Kilda. It was feared that Antifa or the Campaign Against Racism and Fascism may attend to protest and as a result police were there in significant numbers.

However it seemed the left were too busy with their invasion day protest in the city to come and it may have been a bit out of their public transport reach to go that further south.

The party was just like any other Australia Day celebration happening around the country, there was a barbecue, Australian flags, some backyard cricket and some music. The True Blue Crew respected the local councils wishes and there was no alcohol present and all rubbish was cleaned up.

The afternoon concluded with a group photo and brief speeches by Kane Miller of the True Blue Crew and Blair Cottrell from the United Patriots Front.

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