Fast – Australia Day 2018 at Melbourne’s CBD


Melbourne’s CBD was predicted to be a major source of potential conflict on Australia Day 2018. There was the official Australia Day Parade down Melbourne’s Swanston Street and the Invasion Day protest which began at Parliament House.

The Unshackled stayed at Federation Square to first observe the Australia Day parade which seemed to be more paying homage to all of the different nationality and ethnic groups living in Australia. There was also an appearance by Miss Transsexual Australia and also Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews.

After the conclusion of the parade the Invasion Day protest made its way through the parade route to finish at the intersection between Flinders Street Station and Federation Square. We were told by them this was a day of great shame for Australia, that apparently the size of the rally meant the participants were in the majority view and the politicians should listen to them.

Throughout the concluding speeches we learned the University of Melbourne is too right right wing and of course we live under a racist government.  We also observed some attendees drinking Slurpees which seemed odd given it is a key symbol of the white western capitalism they were protesting against.

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