The True Blue Crew was founded in 2016 in the Melbourne suburb of Melton in an effort to stop the Islamisation of the suburb as a mosque was planned for the area with the intention of turning the suburb in Australia’s first all Islamic community. Since then it has been active in the Melbourne patriot community and organises the annual Australian Pride March in Melbourne which brings together various patriot organisations from around the state.

It has also taken a proactive role in exploring possible community solutions to Victoria’s African Youth Gang Crime Wave. Their crime crisis meeting in Melbourne was sold out and gained them mainstream media attention, particularly on Seven News. The proposal that came out of the meeting was to relaunch the Neighbourhood Watch program in the social media era.

The increased exposure has generated a surge in support for the True Blue Crew with their Facebook following growing by 3,000. They are now also accepting formal memberships both for those who want to show their support with their goals and to help out with the Neighbourhood Watch initiative.

The increased support has come from all corners of Australia and as a result the True Blue Crew is now establishing interstate branches. So have Facebook pages have been launched for New South Wales, Queensland and Perth.

It would appear that despite many media outlets choosing to portray the True Blue Crew as racists and Nazis the Australian public at large has seen through this fake news and are wanting to show their support for proactive approach the True Blue Crew has taken at attempting to address some of the current problems that our leaders are unwilling to confront.

After their initial public meeting about Victoria’s crime crisis they are holding a second one for residents in Melbourne’s west in Tarneit which is one of the suburbs most affected by African youth gang violence.

They are also planning to hold an Australia Day Beach Party at St Kilda foreshore in a public showing for support Australia Day in response to the attacks we have seen on it this year.

It would appear that True Blue Crew certainly is a organization on the rise who we can expect to hear a lot more from this year.

It’s success to date are mainly due to the professionalism of its leadership in making sure all of their events are safe for all who want to get involved as Melbourne’s regressive left always attempts to counter protest them with an intention to engage in violence.

If their support grows large enough it may also force the powers in government to recognize them as legitimate citizens’ lobby group and listen to their concerns.

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