Now that we’ve all had a few days to enjoy the delicious leftist tears that have flowed so freely and the musical screams of those half-grown toddlers who consider themselves our moral betters pounding their fists into the ground while blaming Rupert Murdoch for brainwashing Australia, it’s perhaps time to pause and take stock.

The threat of a Bill Shorten Prime Ministership is gone. The promised re-referendum on the Republic is off the table. The date of Australia Day remains as it is. The perversion of our school curricula to teach the wonders of modern gender theory will continue at its current pace rather than being turbo-charged. Immigration, currently at absurd levels, will kinda go down, maybe. The restrictions on free speech won’t get any tighter, yet. The new insane taxes are off the table, which will help give us breathing space to pay the insane taxes we already have.

Doesn’t feel like much of a victory, does it?

The LNP has won 7 of the last 9 elections. By the time the next election comes around in 2022 or so, the Coalition will astoundingly have been in charge of the federal government for roughly 19 of the last 25 years. And yet during that time, our society has continued to drift steadily leftward by almost every metric.

The reason is simple. While the right has tinkered around the edges of the culture war, the left has actually been fighting it. They have organised every single day on every conceivable issue to march through the institutions that help to define what is considered “normal” in our society and to bend them to their will. Our higher education system which trains our lawyers, journalists, social workers, judges, police high command and most importantly our teachers, has gone from being heavily left leaning in the mid-90s to a total monopoly actively excluding wrong-thinkers today. Almost every institution in our society, from the public broadcaster to the public library, has been completely converged. Almost no opinion-making platform has missed their notice.

And for the most part, right-wingers have done nothing. When the right wins an election in this country we sigh loudly in relief, smile nervously at each other, congratulate ourselves on avoiding yet more leftist madness and then go on with our lives. When the left wins they march on the streets in their thousands. They purge old institutions of evil “racists”, “sexists”, “homophobes” and whatever other heretic they’ve lain hands on. Not content with existing institutions, they set up new ones with taxpayer money and staff them entirely with their fellow travellers, thus creating all new activists working full-time at your expense towards the furtherance of their values and the destruction of your own. In other words, they play to win.

Right-wingers in this country seem to think that just being right is enough, that somehow the “marketplace of ideas” will prove them correct in the long run. But even recent history shows that this simply doesn’t happen. Probably the most amazingly, dumbfoundingly wrong position that any political movement has made in Australian history was made by the left in the early 2000s on the issue of asylum seekers. The Tampa incident happened in 2000 and for the next 7 years, opening the borders was the cause célèbre for the left. When Kevin Rudd won in 2007, they celebrated as the boats began to flood in. But then they kept flooding in, and kept flooding in. Tens of thousands of anonymous people who had destroyed their documents to make any accurate vetting of their claims impossible. Then the bodies started showing up. Eventually over a thousand men, women and children, lured by the moral posturing of empty headed morons, drowned in the ocean. Children spent their last desperate moments choking for air as their lungs slowly filled with water. A thousand bloated corpses were suddenly visible to the inner city imbeciles who had once travelled thousands of miles to tear down the fences of the detention centre at Woomera. Eventually the failure became such an embarrassment that even Rudd and then Gillard had to slowly reintroduce some of the old systems that had halted the flow in the first place.

Not since the fall of Communism had the left been so obviously, stupidly, blatantly wrong. But here we are approaching the 20-year anniversary of the Tampa, the 13 year anniversary of Kevin07 and those same idiots are still calling for the borders to be reopened again. And they’re still doing it from pulpits in taxpayer-funded universities, classrooms and newsrooms.

It doesn’t matter if you’re right or wrong. What matters is who organises the best. This unexpected “Morrison miracle” isn’t time to rest. It isn’t time to relax. It’s time to dig in and tighten the screws. It’s time for right-wingers in the country to get off their arses and stop making excuses. If you’re not in a political party, a political group or involved in a political campaign then you have no right to whinge on Facebook when the left continues its inexorable advance. If you’re not physically involved in real-life activism or donating money to someone who does, you have no right to complain. When the left returns to power, it will do so with a tidal wave of activists ready to sweep down and destroy everything about this nation that our ancestors built, this nation that we love. If we don’t organise now, we won’t be ready to resist them, let alone stop them.

Drink up the leftist tears, enjoy the moment of their pain. Then get off your computer and get organised so that it can happen again and again and again. They need to be fought every day, and they need to be defeated. They need to be beaten until there are no more Australia-hating leftists sucking from the taxpayer. And perhaps then, on that day when the last leech is removed, our country can relax again and we can get on with living our lives. But not until then.

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Lucas Rosas
Lucas Rosas has spent years monitoring far left extremists so you don’t have to. He lives in a secure location with multiple large and hungry guard dogs.
Lucas Rosas
Lucas Rosas has spent years monitoring far left extremists so you don’t have to. He lives in a secure location with multiple large and hungry guard dogs.
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