Editor in Chief of The Unshackled Tim Wilms interviewed Blair Cottrell, the founder and leader of the United Patriots Front, after his new joint project, Lads Society goes public with new promotional video

We discuss a few of the perceptions about Blair and the Lads Society, how he started out in activism, what drives his views and what his goals are for the future. We also discuss briefly how he is portrayed in the media with the release of various articles about the public launch of Lads.

If you want to follow Blair’s commentary or learn more about Lads Society and network with like-minded people or simply join a community of people who happen to hold right-wing nationalistic views, then check out the links below.

Stay tuned as The Unshackled will continue to cover this cultural movement as they grow.

Links to Lads Society
Lads Society Launches Male Fraternity with Clubhouses in Melbourne and Sydney
Far right nationalists open private men-only clubs in Melbourne and Sydney – ABC News

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