Lads Society Launches Male Fraternity with Clubhouses in Melbourne and Sydney


The traditionalist social movement known as Lads Society has recently released a video advertisement on their Facebook page showing footage of their gym and kitchen in Melbourne with news that a Sydney one has just been established.

Lads Society was established in January 2017 with their clubhouse in Melbourne opening in November. The clubhouse aims to be used as a general hangout for nationalists with facilities in place for exercising, practicing various martial arts and completing training courses. It also includes a bar and a library.

Their aim is to create a community for nationalists, young and old where views can be openly discussed and people within the community can have access to connections that may allow them to find employment and other life opportunities. Leading member Tom Sewell states that members will be encouraged to work on personal goals which Lads Society can help them to achieve.

They have fight nights every Friday evening where people are welcome to come down for a few rounds of boxing as well as some food and drink.

The media has reacted accordingly, while it seems outlets like the ABC have tried to remain objective they have proceeded to dig up the past of their leading members, looking to stain their reputations. Despite this, reports have shown that membership has greatly increased since the release of the video. Antifa have also made an attempt at trolling, with little success.

Former United Patriots Front leader Blair Cottrell can be seen in the promo throwing a few solid hits at boxing opponents.

We highly recommend right wing leaning folks to check this out as it is one of the fewer organisations that caters to members of that allegiance.

What do our followers think of this? Is a large nationalist community what we need in times where the younger generation of Australians have been brainwashed into pointless self-hate by media propaganda and corporate control? Let us know in the comments.

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