The Unshackled Waves Ep. 209 Ricky Turner from Cooks Convicts


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One of the newer patriot activists to make an impact is Ricky Turner who is 2IC of Cooks Convicts. We learn about the Ricky T journey into the patriot movement and what attracted him to being the offsider to established patriot activist and serial pest Neil Erikson.

We looks at Cooks Convicts’ Greatest Hits including when they stormed a Moreland Council Meeting with a mock coffin to protest the cancelling of Australia Day, trolling a refugee rally in Melbourne calling refugees rapists and most famously confronting former Labor Senator Sam Dastyari in a pub.

We look at the impact the charges relating to the riot outside the Milo Yiannopoulos event in Melbourne in December 2017 have had on Ricky’s activism. He and Neil were banned from associating with each other but had it lifted in June this year where they announced the formation of the Cooks Convicts Political Party which is now the It’s Okay to be White Party.

We look at Ricky’s relationships with other patriot personalities and groups, including he and Neil’s back and forth with Avi Yemini. We finish by looking at the future of Victoria under 4 more years of Daniel Andrews and what Ricky’s plans are for 2019.

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