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In the final ever Unshackled Waves episode, I reflect on the journey this show has been on. It launched in November 2016 to begin the audio-visual stage of the Unshackled project.

Started as audio-only podcast, a basic video version was launched later, followed by the introduction of video graphics. In 2018, we moved into our current Waves set in a dedicated studio, which we still use to this day.

Waves being my first foray into broadcast media, the format has changed over the years as I’ve experimented with different episode types. The aim was always to both provide comment and analysis of current news events and also interview like-minded people. We’ve had a wide variety of guests from law academics, popular YouTubers and patriot activists to psychology professionals and policy experts.

The popularity of the show has grown on every platform, most noticeably on YouTube. Thank-you to all our loyal followers who have joins us over the years and value the contribution we have made to the alt-media scene in Australia.

I am not disappearing from the alt-media scene, far from it; starting this Sunday 15th September, I am launching a brand new fast-paced live news and information show called WilmsFront. It will be broadcast on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday nights at around 7pm Melbourne time on my own personal YouTube channel and, plus on your preferred podcasting platform.

The news cycle is constantly changing and evolving every hour of every day. Waves most of the time was prerecorded and either focused on single issues or around three at most. But by the time episodes were edited and released, the news cycle had already changed. WilmsFront being live will provide immediate analysis of global events as they break.

To further reflect on the Waves journey these past three years and for final farewell, I chat with two co-hosts of the show during its run. Jacob Watts was The Unshackled’s Editor-at-Large from 2017 to early 2018 and co-hosted this show during that period. Another co-host of the show who’s been with us since the beginning and is still with is Senior Editor Damien Ferri.

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