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The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China has seen 13 consecutive weeks of protests to preserve the region’s democracy and civil rights.

These protests were set off by opposition to a proposed extradition bill which had the potential to see residents of Hong Kong face the mainland Chinese government’s legal system. Last Wednesday evening, the Chief Executive of Hong Kong, Carrie Lam, announced she was withdrawing the extradition bill.

The Hong Kong–China dispute has spilled over into Australian cities. Not just because of our high Chinese immigrant population, but because of activities and espionage in which the Chinese Communist Party engages in Australia. Pro-Hong Kong protests have been flooded by proChina activists, with some turning violent.

It is concerning that we are supposed to be all Australians yet we are increasingly seeing another state, a totalitarian one at that, infiltrate our population and politics.

Last month, Liberal backbencher Andrew Hastie wrote an op-ed in the Fairfax newspapers outlining why China’s global ambitions threaten Australia’s future.

We have seen our politicians come under the influence of Chinese Communist Party agents, normally businessmen in recent times. The most famous of course was former Labor Senator Sam Dastyari. His NSW Labor Party was exposed at the Independent Commission Against Corruption of accepting an illegal $100,000 donation from Chinese businessman Huang Xiangmao who has been banned from Australia

The ABC has revealed that the two Chinese-Australian candidates for the inner Melbourne seat of Chisholm at the just-passed federal election: the Liberals’ Gladys Lui, the now-elected MP for the seat, and her Labor opponent Jennifer Yang, were both members of a Chinese association that, upon investigation, ultimately had links to the Chinese government.

Australia is in the middle of a shit sandwich as we depend on China significantly when it comes to trade. Our leaders have kicked the can down the road with China, but are now slowly getting their heads out of the sand. They know something must be done, but have no idea what.

Providing a greater understanding of how deep the Chinese Communist Party influence is in Australia, plus the various human rights abuses they are committing on their own people, is Shan Ju Lin. She is from Taiwan, which China would like to annex.

Shan ran in the Queensland state election in 2017 as an independent candidate for the seat of Bundamba in her town of Ipswich. She is known throughout her area for holding the annual World Harmony Day. She’s been on the show before and given her unique insight I thought she would be the perfect person to go to discuss the current China crisis in Australia.


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