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The city of Brisbane has been grinding to a halt recently due to repeated disruptive protests from extreme climate change activists which involve blocking traffic, including super gluing themselves to the road.

The target of their protests as been against the Adani Carmichael coal mine in central Queensland. The Palaszczuk Labor Government reluctantly approved the mine after the Liberal National Party vote surged in the just passed federal election after they ran on a pro-Adani platform.

To look at the groups and people behind these climate protests in Brisbane we bring in our Antifa and far-left expert Associate Editor of the Unshackled Lucas Rosas.

He reveals that two groups are organizing these regular protests: Extinction Rebellion an extreme global climate doomsday group and Uni Students for Climate Justice, a front group for the Socialist Alternative.

Socialist Alternative a revolutionary Trotskyist Marxist group attach themselves to popular progressive causes to engage in further membership recruitment.

Socialist Alternative tried to do this with the recent Transparency 4 UQ protests at the University of Queensland against the Chinese Communist Party backed Confucius Institute.

Because they weren’t allowed to take over they labelled the protest racist and white nationalist, despite it being attended by Tibetans and Falun Gong members, plus their sometimes friends the Greens.

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