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During the federal election campaign The Unshackled provided extensive coverage of the campaign of Fraser Anning’s Conservative National Party. It was only registered in April this year but managed to stand 70 candidates, including in 29 of the 30 lower house seats in Fraser Anning’s home state of Queensland.

Fraser Anning failed to gain re-election to the Senate with the party only obtaining 0.64% of the vote nationally in the Senate. This was despite Fraser Anning’s Facebook page gaining over 120,000 followers and generating large amounts of publicity both positive and negative.

So after a whirlwind start to the year but an underwhelming election result where to from here for the party? That is the topic of discussion today with my guest Paul Taylor who was the number 2 Queensland Senate candidate for the Conservative Nationals.

Originally born in India, after migrating to Australia in 1985 he has built a successful business career. He has previously ran for Liberal National Party preselection, was a Rise Up Australia Party candidate in 2016, and a One Nation candidate at the Queensland state election in 2018.

He switched to Fraser Anning’s party in 2019 due to One Nation selecting a Muslim candidate in the New South Wales state election. This meant the Conservative Nationals were then the only party committed to ending Islamic immigration to Australia.

Paul’s Indian immigrant background gained a lot of attention given that the media described Fraser Anning’s party as white nationalist. Paul said his race and immigrant background was never an issue in the party and he was welcomed with open arms.

Paul outlines his policy manifesto if he were to be elected, including stricter immigration skills and assimilation requirements. Water and agricultural policy, and long term infrastructure planning is another key area of his interest.

Paul informs us about what the plan is for the Conservative Nations going forward and how it intends to contest the next federal election due in 2022. He also shares his expectations on what Scott Morrison can deliver with his re-elected government.

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