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After an absence due to the winter flu season Waves is back to catch up and discuss the most important national and international developments of the past week.

I begin by providing an update on Blair Cottrell’s appeal against his 2017 conviction under Victoria’s Racial and Religious Tolerance Act for his participation in a mock Islamic beheading video. Cottrell and his lawyer John Bolton in addition to challenging the constitutionality of the law are now challenging it under Victoria’s Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities.

Senior Editor of The Unshackled Damien Ferri then joins the show. We begin by providing all the latest detail about the arrest of pedophile billionaire Jeff Epstein in New York on new sex trafficking charges.

These new charges are thanks to a Mike Cernovich lawsuit which unsealed court documents involving a Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking lawsuit, along with the work of Julie Brown at Miami Herald talking to victims.

The mainstream media are now claiming that Epstein is closer to Donald Trump than Bill Clinton. Clinton flew on Epstein’s private jet the Lolita Express 26 times, while Trump banned Epstein from his Mar-a-Lago golf club in 1999 over the allegations.

In Australian politics debate continues over the introduction of a Religious Discrimination Act. Pressure has grown on the Morrison Government to fast track the legislation in the wake of the Israel Folau saga, however Pauline Hanson has raised the main concern with such as Act that it could protect Islamic extremism.

Indigenous constitutional recognition is back on the political agenda with new Indigenous Affairs Minister Ken Wyatt appearing to be open to the Uluru Statement from the Heart which calls for a indigenous voice to parliament to be enshrined in the constitution. However, it has been previously stated that such a voice would be a race based third chamber of parliament.

Facebook released an update to their community standards this week, which stated that threats of death and violence were banned unless they were directed at dangerous individuals or people or groups the media deems to be violent. Facebook amended the policy after a backlash as they realized they weren’t above the law in allowing threats to be posted on their platform.


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