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The greatest horror that plagues our society is the practice of abortion. Healthy babies are killed at abortion clinics in our major cities everyday.

It can be very demoralising being a pro-life advocate in Australia, not only is there a trend to legal abortion until birth but now to erect exclusion zones around abortion clinics meaning pro-life advocates cannot even offer information to women entering a clinic thinking about an abortion.

One pro-life advocate who has found herself on the wrong side of these exclusion zones and took her case all the way to High Court, but was unsuccessful in having them overturned is Kathy Clubb. She has an incredible life story, she is a mother of 13 children, a homeschooler and a devout catholic.

She herself began her pro-life journey with an unplanned pregnancy in her youth, choosing life for her baby now does her utmost to save other babies.

She runs two online blogs The Freedoms Project and Light Up the Darkness which chronicles her activism against abortion as well as commentary on religious freedom and other ethical issues.

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