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In another Wednesday night live episode of the show I go through the major news developments of the week with Senior Editor of The Unshackled Damien Ferri.

Internationally protests in Hong Kong against the introduction of an extradition bill which could see its citizens subjected to the Chinese legal system have been successful in halting the bill, a rare defeat for the People’s Republic of China.

The social justice AFL took things too far this week with their behavioral awareness officers policing fans in the crowd. It is just another overreach into social life that the AFL has embarked on. The fans this week make it clear they’d had enough.

Adani protestors are deciding to be even more annoying by gluing themselves to a road in the Brisbane CBD. They are giving the vegan activists a run for their money.

Cory Bernardi has said he is open to rejoining the Liberal Party and they are open to having him back. It would be a massive admission of political failure if Bernardi was to do this after leaving to start Australian Conservatives.

In Progressive Victoria voluntary euthanasia has come into effect. Despite Premier Daniel Andrews claiming it is the strictest law anywhere in the world many pro-life activists still have concerns about allowing state sanctioned killing.

Also in Progressive Victoria they proposing laws to introduce gender fluid birth certificate as transgenders or others no longer need surgery to change their gender to whatever they like as long as it’s not obscene or offensive.

Westpac has decided to close the bank account of patriot activist Blair Cottrell, in a further escalation of the deplatforming of right wing figures. He had already been banned from PayPal. It is suspected his account was closed due to his appeal against his blasphemy conviction.


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