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In another special live episode of the show we catch up on the news cycle with Senior Editor of The Unshackled Damien Ferri.

The biggest international story this past week has been YouTube stepping up its involvement in the social media deplatforming campaign removing “hateful and supremacist content” and cracking down on content which incites “harassment” against other people. It has led to many right wing content creators to turn to free speech alternatives.

There was a far-right spat this week with Milo Yiannopoulos dumping on gay video producers Caolan Robertson and George Llewelyn-John for their alleged stealing of funds and feeding information to Antifa linked groups. The spat is another demonstration of how easily the right is consumed and damaged by in-fighting

We are seeing LGBT Pride Month being thrust upon us and even to children at unprecedented levels in a sign that the promotion of the LGBT lifestyle did not stop with same sex marriage. It is become so excessive that a Straight Pride Parade is now planned for the US city of Boston.

Rugby player Israel Folau has decided to take Rugby Australia to the Fair Work Commission for religious discrimination for their termination of his $4 million contract for his sinners Instagram post.

In Australian politics the biggest saga has been CFMEU official John Setka facing expulsion from the Labor Party for his recent treatment on women and comments about Rosie Batty. But his union comrades are standing by him setting up a showdown between Labor and its union allies.

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