Trump won’t be needing glasses, because he already has 2020.


On November 3, 2020 Donald Trump will almost certainly be re-elected as President of the United States. As it currently stands, global betting markets believe Trump is making America great again, with the incumbent President a short favourite across the board at approximately 2 to 1 odds. Second in line to the throne is Democrat Joe Biden, at an average of over 5 to 1, followed by Bernie Sanders at 12 to 1 respectively.

There are several reasons why Trump is the clear favourite. The US economy is doing exceptionally well, despite the fears that come with his tariff wars. Unemployment is at a 50-year low, with Trump’s signing of the ‘American workers’ treaty a clear reason for this as companies seek to hire ‘Americans first’.

TV news ratings are also a reliable indicator for how well a politician is performing. Especially in the ever so polarised American media. Since the Trump era, Fox News has been at the top of the viewership leader board. Crushing left-wing competitor CNN by almost 2 million views per night this year. Which can be evidently linked with the repeatedly failed Russiagate conspiracy and constant futile impeachment rhetoric, all whilst the nation heads closer to a fourth year of Trump.

His leadership abroad is not only under-reported but also underrated with the North Korean summits bringing global peace, and dictator Kim Jong-un into the public eye for the first time in history. Not to mention his hard-line approach to ISIS which has seen the caliphate almost completely wiped out, with only a handful of terrorist attacks taking place across the western world this year.

Finally, historically speaking a US President is likely to be re-elected unless something catastrophic happens such as a Watergate incident, global recession or a Clinton impeachment. Out of those three scenarios only a global recession seems possible, with US debt hitting an all-time high at 21 trillion just last week. If the global economy can stay stable until the upcoming election, Trump won’t be needing glasses as he will already have 2020 and a vision for 2024.

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