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At the Unshackled as part of our continuous expansion we’ve welcomed aboard a few new contributors. One of them is Aidan Green who also operates The Commentariat website where he produces commentary videos and articles about current global events, with a particular focus on the Trump era in the United States.

Aidan shares with us life experiences traveling around the world and witnessing different cultures and governments on the ground in those nations. He describes his time at the University of Wollongong studying international relations and the fightback against leftist bias.

We then turn to contemporary political phenomenons including the election of Donald Trump in 2016 providing a rational analysis of his Presidency so far. We also look at the Brexit mess in the UK and comment on the Morrison’s Government unpredicted election victory here in Australia.

We analyze the state of the mainstream media with their collapsing business model and the rise of the citizen and alternative media. We finish by offering some predictions about future geopolitical developments.

It would be a fatal mistake to reject The Ramsay Centre.
Why Morrison at $4 to win the upcoming election is extremely good odds.
Is this the beginning of a revolution in media?

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