Identity of Darwin Shooter Revealed


The identity of the of the man arrested after the Darwin shooting on Tuesday night has been revealed as 45 year old Ben Hoffman.

Last night Hoffman, dressed in a high-vis work wear driving a white ute opened fire in Darwin’s CBD where four people have been reported to have died with at least one woman injured.

Hoffman had been released on parole in January and was wearing a monitoring bracelet, which allowed police to track his every move at all times, which likely led to his capture. Police have described the incident to be extremely rare for someone to commit a crime while wearing one.

Active crime scenes included Gardens Hill Crescent, Buff Club, the Palms Motel and the Peter McAulay Centre. One witness alleged the shooter went room to room with a pump action shotgun in the motel shouting the name “Alex.”

Police are still trying to establish a motive for the shooting and expect to lay charges against him on Wednesday.

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