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It’s a Friday night so joining me again in what we are aiming to turn into a regular relaxed weekly live show is Ben Shand the Dusty Bogan.

We begin with a Queensland federal election debrief which helped deliver Scott Morrison his election victory with the state voting to support jobs in the state. The Queensland state Labor government as a result is fast tracking the approval of the Adani coal mine in Central Queensland.

We turn our attention the transmania that is being forced upon the western world with Gillette releasing another virtue signalling advertisement featuring a transman shaving, we have another children’s drag story-time under the Liberal South Australian Government and transwomen dominating women’s sports.

The first test of Australia’s border security post-election occurred with a boat carrying 20 Sri Lankan asylum seekers was turned back by newly re-elected Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton. It gave us a glimpse of an alternate reality if Labor had won the election.

We have seen anthem boycott campaign return to Australia with two Indigenous NRL players stating they will not sign Australia’s national anthem during the State of Origin series. We both agree this will do nothing to help Indigenous disadvantage.

We discuss the battle to end abortion which has had victories in the US state of Georgia however media giants are threatening a boycott of the state. There is also an effort to blacklist the pro-life film Unplanned from being screen in major cinemas worldwide.

Other films that our audience should make the time to see is Lauren Southern’s Borderless on the European migrant crisis which is available for free online. Then there is the Censored Movie which you can purchase off Vimeo about social media deplatforming of right-wing media personalities.

‘Doesn’t represent myself’: Indigenous rugby players refuse anthem – ABC
Adani needs one more environmental approval – ABC

Censored Movie

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