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The European Union member states went to the polls to elect 751 MEPs in the European Parliament for the next five years. The UK still participated in this election due to the Brexit deadline being extended by Theresa May until October.

But even before the UK results were announced with Nigel Farage’s new Brexit Party coming first with over 30% of the vote Theresa May announced her intention to resign as Conservative Party leader and Prime Minister after the parliament would not agree to her Brexit deal and the Conservative Party would not agree to hold a second referendum.

The results in the UK were similar across Europe with hard euro-skeptic nationalist parties making gains along with pro-EU Liberal and Green parties with the political mainstream parties the big losers. However UKIP with its new anti-Islam direction along with Tommy Robinson’s candidacy failed to garner much support.

To discuss what the European election results mean for the state of politics on the continent and the future of the European Union I welcome back to the show Editor at Large of the Unshackled Steele Archer

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