The Unshackled Waves Ep. 239 The Dusty Bogan Returns


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Ben Shand, known as the Dusty Bogan, returns to the Unshackled Waves for a special live Friday night show for a general catch-up. The Dusty Bogan is back on Facebook after he was banned following the Proud Boys purge in November, since then he has grown his following on free speech social media MeWe and Telegram.

He has grown his channel to 1k subscribers with a mixture of him attending events and interviewing participants in his hometown of Brisbane, such as the May Day parade, the anti-Safe Schools rally and the legalise marijuana rally; and rants just from his home about current news items, including voting options and commentary for the federal election.

We look at how the Australian chapters of the Proud Boys have been operating post founder Gavin McInnes’s exit after a number of fake news hit pieces, which have resulted in McInnes suing the Southern Poverty Law Centre for defamation. We set the record straight, again, that the Proud Boys are a civil nationalist organisation that accepts male members of any racial group.

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