The Unshackled Waves Ep. 215 Dr Kevin Donnelly on Political Correctness and Education


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It’s currently back to school time for children and parents alike. But the unfortunately reality is our modern education system and its curriculum is controlled by the far-left education establishment.

Students these days across all year levels indoctrinated in anti-western historical revisionism, subjected to social re-engineering sexual and diversity programs and are encouraged to become adherents to left wing ideas. Meanwhile we are falling down the international education rankings.

One education expert who has been in the front line of exposing and fighting back against the left’s march through our education system is Dr Kevin Donnelly AM, who is conservative education commentator, Senior Research Fellow at the Australian Catholic University and Director of the Education Standards Institute.

His commentary on education and other cultural issues appear regularly in the News corp publications, and has written seven books the most recent are How Political Correctness is Destroying Australia and How Political Correctness is Destroying Education both by Wilkinson Publishing.

We explore how the cultural left began its march through the education system, and the role of the teachers union in steering this march. We discuss how the education system has been subjected to fads which not improved student outcomes.

We look in detail at how the curriculum has become cluttered, and has been filled with an anti-western, anti-christian, pro-multicultural and diversity perspective. We also touch upon how social programs such as Safe Schools and Respectful Relationships have found their way into the classroom, and how teachers are become more open their desire to turn their students into left-wing activists.

We look at some policy solutions to the current state of the education system, such as maintaining the levels of school choice we have in Australia so parents can continue to choose a Catholic or independent school for their child. Better support for good teachers and allowing principles and schools more autonomy in their hiring and operations.

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