The Unshackled Waves Ep. 205 Immigration Cuts, No Gender Birth Certificates, Rapey Greens and Vic Election Preview


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After a busy week in the life of the Unshackled and in the news the show returns to review the week in Australia with Political Editor of the Unshackled Michael Smyth.

We saw Prime Minister Scott Morrison talk tough on immigration, signalling a cut in the annual immigration intake by 30,000 from the 190,000 ceiling. He proposed stripping citizenship from terrorists where they have or can obtain citizenship of another country. Morrison also confirmed he would refuse to sign a UN compact on migration citing that it would undermine Australia’s border protection policies.

Gender is no longer being recorded on Tasmanian birth certificates unless it requested by parents under a bill passed by the state’s lower house. It also allows people to change their legal gender via self identification and using the wrong pronoun is now a hate crime. It is the most radical LGBT policy ever passed in and is a blueprint of what we can expect from left wing parties Labor and the Greens on these issues.

Despite the Greens virtue signalling about being one of the most feminist parties in Australia it turns out they are home to some of the worst sexual predators in politics. Numerous cases of sexual misconduct and harassment in the party have been revealed including against NSW Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham, a Victorian candidate who rapped about date rape and one who was accused of actual rape.

Election Day is upon us in the Victorian state election with two polls showing the Daniel Andrews Labor Government is on track to be comfortably re-elected. Despite the scandals of the Andrews Government, including the $1 billion spent not to build the East-West Link, the red shirts rorts and Safe Schools being rolled out, the Liberal Opposition led by Matthew Guy has not been able to capitalize. Have the Liberals just not been up to the job or is Victoria now just a naturally progressive state?


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