The Unshackled Waves Ep. 202 US Mid Term Election Results, Facebook Bans and Racial Stereotyping

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The results for the US midterm elections are now in and sees the Democrats winning control of the House of Representatives while Republicans remaining in control and increasing their majority in the Senate. Democrats make gains in the state gubernatorial elections as well. We get a rundown of the results from our Deputy Editor and US Citizen Emilio Garcia.

What’s it like to be completely banned on Facebook? We find out by catching up with the Dusty Bogan Ben Shand who was one of the Proud Boys elders to find themselves banned last week as the Proud Boys were removed completely from the platform, even his new account was deleted.

Is racial stereotyping wrong? It’s been in the news with Ross Cameron’s sacking from Sky News, Apu being written out of the Simspons and offensive blackface Halloween costumes. I thought it would be good to ask Unshackled contributor and transwoman of Asian descent Libby DownUnder for her opinion on this latest social justice outrage.


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