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On today’s show we caught up with  Dianne Colbert from All Nations Christian Mental Health Association. Dianne was a speaker at the Rally Against Safe Schools in Melbourne in April earlier this year and the Unshackled also went to visit Dianne to cover one of her Family Values Alliance Ballarat in May.

We get an update from Dianne about the campaign against Safe Schools and spread of gender theory in the education system and the plan going forward, especially with the Victorian state election only a month away. We look at some of the recent developments in transgender policy including new guidelines for transgender children and the training of so called ‘gender whisperers’ in schools to identify transgender students. Dianne also gives a review of transgender medical critic Dr Quentin Van Meter’s tour of Australia including protests and boycott threats against venues.

We ask Dianne whether she considers Prime Minister Scott Morrison a friend and look at how far Labor has gone with embracing the gender agenda. We also look at the recent absurd gender bending stories such as a student editor being sacked for saying that women don’t have penises and a crossdressing businessmen being listed as a leading businesswoman.

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