The Unshackled Waves Ep. 175 Blair Cottrell on Sky, Infowars Deplatformed and Emma Husar Gone


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The world continues to spin at a million miles an hour. Sky News had patriot activist Blair Cottrell on the Adam Giles Show Sunday night and despite it being well received by the Sky audience hours later it capitulated to the online outrage saying the interview was a mistake. It has experienced an internal meltdown all week with threats of boycotts from politicians and advertisers and a mutiny of staff for airing an interview with an alleged neo-Nazi and Hitler sympathizer. Sky News has clearly failed the free speech test and it is clear patriot activists are now blacklisted by the mainstream media.

Alex Jones’ InfoWars has been deplatformed by Facebook, YouTube, Apple and Spotify for perpetuating fake news and hate speech. is still up and Twitter has not banned them. This has set up another debate about free speech and whether these social media giants have too much power on the internet and even though they are private companies do they have a moral duty to uphold free speech? If Infowars can be deplatformed then it can happen to any media player big or small.

The Emma Husar scandal is now over after the allegations keep rolling out over the past two weeks. She has announced she is not re-contesting her Western Sydney seat of Lindsay at the next election saying that pile on against her has become too much. Although some of the allegations do appear to be smears such as the Basic Instinct leg crossing imitation the fact that she has 22 former staff accusing her of bullying and mistreatment is damning and that alone is why her political career is over.

First I analyse Blair Cottrell’s Sky News appearance and the aftermath. Then our Editor at Large Steele Archer will discuss the ramifications of Infowars deplatforming. After that I bring in Jack Reidy from Pop and Locke to discuss Emma Husar who is his local member.

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