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Unshackled followers would have noticed we’ve taken on a number of new contributors as The Unshackled expands. One new addition to our team is our Brisbane Bureau Chief Martin Hartwig. He was in Melbourne to attend the Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux event with us so it was the perfect time to sit down with him in the studio so we can all learn a bit more about him and his politics.

Martin explains the philosophy of centrism and why it appeals to him. We look at how the modern left has become so extreme that it has led to many people from different political philosophies joining together to fight them. One of the reactions against extreme left has been the resurgence of nationalism as people are looking for meaning and community once again and have become critical of mass immigration and the problems it brings.

We look at the concept of globalism which aims to erase national identity and borders and introduce global citizenship. We look at the impact globalisation has brought to our economy and how regulation of our own economy has played a part in the decimation of industry. We also look at how leftist elites have alienated the working class while at the same time pushing our labour market in the wrong direction.

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